Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Fans React to Infidelity: NOOOOO!

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There can be no denying it at this point: Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, a 41-year old father of two.

The actress, incredibly, came right out today, admitted to the affair and apologized for her actions. She also pleaded for Pattinson's love.

As you might expect, dedicated Twihards and Robsten followers aren't exactly taking the news well. Led by the YouTube user commonly referred to as "Nutty Madam," who wants everyone to leave Kristen and Rob alone, read through some of the most distraught Tumblr postings below:

daironline: I'm still hoping that the whole Kristen cheating on Robert thing isn't true, but if it is, I have definitely lost all faith in love.

yousaidyoudkeepmehonest: Having serious sympathy pains. Feel like I've been cheated on.

twilight whispers: I want her to say she was drunk or drugged or whatever. I want this nightmare to end.

theworldwillendinfire: How could you do this to my baby angel, Kristen?

fool-4-love: THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING I DONT BELIEVE IT. they were supposed to get married and have babies and be together forever. my poor shipper heart is breaking. ROBSTEN FOREVER IDC BYE.

Should Robert forgive Kristen and stay with her?

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How ridiculous is all of this? For God's sake it's none of our business whether this works out or not. She's a young woman who made what is no doubt an incredibly stupid choice, and has unfortunately made it our business by being so indiscreet about it, but we have so many more important issues in this world to worry about than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and the state of their relationship. Will they stay together or won't they? Stay tuned! Unfortunately,we won't have a choice because that will be frontline news because of the public admissions and apologies. I say good luck to both of them and best of luck whatever choice Robert Pattinson makes with regard to his relationship, but it won't rock my world whatever choice he makes.


Ol dutty whore shi fi get bombooclat gunshot. Rob is such a great guy from all i know abot him. He deserves a girl whho has a better fashuon sense n mur sensibility than that. Who cheats on their young unmarried bf with an old married man? Cunt!


How could anyone cheat on Robert Pattinson..? Also I wonder if Kristen Stewart considers apologizing to the family of Rupert Sanders? But really hope Robert moves on...he had potential to be a better actor and have a real woman, and not a girl who will cheat on him. She just crossed the boundaries in too many ways. I would hate to be on that set if they decide to make a sequel.


If kristian cheated and Robert breaks up with her, he'd be up for grabs! Woo-hoo!!


Kristen....if u want to cheat,u should be find someone who more cool and handsome than Rob.why should be wth a married men....


I m so sad.robsten do not not divorce!I love all robsteners


Kristen's next Alex Pettyfer.Joke


As for Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson. They both have now went far as being with other people, that's part of show buisness, but i do believe that Rob should forgive her for the simple fact that life is too short to give up true love, we all have some obstical's in our live's, but what make's us stronger is forgiveness and love, without that what is life all about. I'd like to say to both of them if i could, take your love as far as it will go, true love will over come these obstical's in your life and i wish you both the best in your relationship and career's. Good Luck to you both :) oh one more thing, you both are wonderful Actor's at heart!! :)


This can't be happening.Robsten is my fav couple. Why why why Kristen?Please fix this relationship.


ww cheat on their own wm aint that a shame? Please let an educated bw like me getta hold of some of the white meats and theyll forget bout
the skanky ww hos:)

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