Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Fans React to Infidelity: NOOOOO!

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There can be no denying it at this point: Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, a 41-year old father of two.

The actress, incredibly, came right out today, admitted to the affair and apologized for her actions. She also pleaded for Pattinson's love.

As you might expect, dedicated Twihards and Robsten followers aren't exactly taking the news well. Led by the YouTube user commonly referred to as "Nutty Madam," who wants everyone to leave Kristen and Rob alone, read through some of the most distraught Tumblr postings below:

daironline: I'm still hoping that the whole Kristen cheating on Robert thing isn't true, but if it is, I have definitely lost all faith in love.

yousaidyoudkeepmehonest: Having serious sympathy pains. Feel like I've been cheated on.

twilight whispers: I want her to say she was drunk or drugged or whatever. I want this nightmare to end.

theworldwillendinfire: How could you do this to my baby angel, Kristen?

fool-4-love: THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING I DONT BELIEVE IT. they were supposed to get married and have babies and be together forever. my poor shipper heart is breaking. ROBSTEN FOREVER IDC BYE.

Should Robert forgive Kristen and stay with her?

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Im getting tired of people trying to justify her actions by her age.....idgaf how old she is shes proven shes not old enough to be in a relationship! No one was holding her down to Rob there was no contract no nothing!! If she wanted to be "young and free" then she should have broke up with him or never got with Rob in the first place! Instead she chose to open her foul legs and hurt people in the process! Rob, the married mans wife and most of all....THE CHILDREN! She ruined the sanctity of someones marriage and hurt the children and hurt a man who is in love with her. And they say letting gays and lesbians will ruin ass heterosexuals are doing it everyday. I wanna spit in her face!


Oopps also forgot to mention that it also true that most white women beauty expiration date is age 30.Ours is much longer.I think its because white girls tan themselves to death in the sun and their skin turns to leather by 30-35.Anyways don't hate-just because many white dudes seem to prefer asian to you there is no need to be insecure,don't hate.BTW,no flat butt here.*ha* nice try.


Mousey butter face? Sounds like you're describing that beautiful Asian, Margaret Cho. Ha! Yeah they're irresistible.


This is so funny to me! Why do people care so much? They arent characters, they are people. Yes it was shitty all around, but to get so upset about it? The yay hes single is funny too, why are you cheering, do you think hes going to finally come sweep you away? Grow up and get your own life people, its not your personal fairy tale. Bitch and moan thats its a messed up thing but dont act like they are your best friends and be insulted.


I get the biggest kick out of reading all the NO NO NO how could she ..... lmao I hate to be the one to break it to ya but they are REAL people and make mistakes they ARE NOT Edward and Bella gonna live happily ever after. All you saying omg my life is over PLEASE if this is what makes your life be OVER OMG then well ya didn't have a life to begin with..


To the girl saying asians are better than white girls you are seriously crazy. Asians have flat faces, flat chests, and flat asses. Real men go for curves honey.


Kristen is a young woman who wants to explore and experience all that the world has to offer. I think that she became giddy that an older man found her attractive. Rupert felt giddy that a very young woman found him attractive. They both acted on it without thinking of the serous repercussions, or the feelings of their loved ones. However, Rupert is an older, married father who should have kept this relationship strictly professional. If he did not encourage Kristen, she would not have made such a foolish choice. With age comes a moral compass that one should live by. Kristen and Rupert need to revaluate their behavior, and decide what do they stand for as public figures to the world. Unfortunately, the only ones suffering are the innocent loved ones. I hope that all parties concerned find peace and a happy resolution.


Hahahahahahahaha!!! Omg she always comes off as shady and now i know why!! Haha stupid bitch i never cared for the couple and honestly i dont find him drop dead gorgeous like other women who seem crazed over his looks but he is handsome and i hope he drops her and finds a beautiful woman not go back to a girl who looks like she constantly has the bubble guts. Shes a douche!


He should choose asian and we will rock his world! We have the bodies that white girls starve themselves to get.White girls
have to pile on layers of Max Factor to even look attractive.Kristen looks like a mousey butterface.*shrugs*


this is horrible. i did not expect this from kristen

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