Kourtney Kardashian: Essentially a Single Mother!

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Stop us if you've heard this before: Scott Disick is an irresponsible jerk who is leaving Kourtney Kardashian at home to raise the couple's children.

So screams yet another recycled tabloid headline, as this week's Life & Style quotes an anonymous source who claims Disick "doesn't share" Kourtney's "love for being a parent."

Kourtney Kardashian on Life & Style

Staying out until the dawn, taking shots, cracking sexual jokes, "Scott's totally out of control," the magazine mole says. "He's doing whatever he wants to do."

Kardashian and Disick welcomed Penelope Scotland Disick into the world on July 9 and even with her and little Mason Dash at home, the source says Scott continues to live a bachelor lifestyle.

"He's definitely back to his old ways," reports the tabloid, adding that "Kourtney's looking into getting a nanny" and even considering a job at a Los Angeles Dash branch so she can support herself financially.

Right. Because the six figures she makes from E! and the seven figures she'll sell the baby photos for clearly aren't enough.

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Its hard to know whats real and whats just made/said for entertainment purposes. Is this another storyline for a future episodes?? Who knows


She gettin a job at LA Dash branch.....? Is that a joke.....wth wat source is that? Lol dats ridiculous what kind of magazine is that kwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaAa *cnt stop laughin* phew


So WhAt WhO cArEs


I used to love kourtney when i started wattching the show and still do but i feel bad for scott he does try; ive have way worse so the fact that scott tries is admrabile. The way that family treats him is gross and i would drink alot too if they treated me like that!!!!!


Well, I think this story is all a load of crap! She fancies herself to be this intelligent, independant woman. I certainly would not expose my children to this Disack. He's been a dick since day one. I say publicity stunt, or if she's "so intelligent" throw the creep out, & don't open the door with a child abuse/neglect ivestigation...Idiot!


Kourtney and family bring this onto themselves. The show tells all and shows all about Scott and his antics. It truly is Kris Jenner and family's fault for airing their bad laundry into the public eye. We have every right to judge her in a negative way because that is what they portray on TV....


I have no sympathy for the adults of this family, Kourtney included. She knew how Scott was prior to the 1st child being born and after the 1st child was born, yet she had a 2nd child with him. Kind of seems like a pity party/publicity stunt like most things with this family. Im just saying! Maybe now she will leave Scott, if it's realyl that bad being a single mom.


Don't get me wrong, I love Kourtney; really, I love her, more than Kim even. However, it's hard not to feel a little bad for Scott. She doesn't even let him sleep in the same bed with her. And she wont marry him-he's not the commtiment phobe.


What? what she wins from the show is not enough?? you have to be kidding me..


She must be ok with it- she is still with him.

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