Kourtney Kardashian: Essentially a Single Mother!

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Stop us if you've heard this before: Scott Disick is an irresponsible jerk who is leaving Kourtney Kardashian at home to raise the couple's children.

So screams yet another recycled tabloid headline, as this week's Life & Style quotes an anonymous source who claims Disick "doesn't share" Kourtney's "love for being a parent."

Kourtney Kardashian on Life & Style

Staying out until the dawn, taking shots, cracking sexual jokes, "Scott's totally out of control," the magazine mole says. "He's doing whatever he wants to do."

Kardashian and Disick welcomed Penelope Scotland Disick into the world on July 9 and even with her and little Mason Dash at home, the source says Scott continues to live a bachelor lifestyle.

"He's definitely back to his old ways," reports the tabloid, adding that "Kourtney's looking into getting a nanny" and even considering a job at a Los Angeles Dash branch so she can support herself financially.

Right. Because the six figures she makes from E! and the seven figures she'll sell the baby photos for clearly aren't enough.


He is a stupid ass dumby


tis is wnt I got to say dumb the zero and get a hero..there are plently of fishes in d sea.


Kourtney got pregnant on purpose...She has a baby nurse & a nanny. Scott didnt want anymore kids unless they got married...She didnt follow thru. She used him as a sperm donor...Just like last season when all she wanted was sex to get pregnant & was treating Scott even worse than she does now. She had the nerve to want to give him herbal sperm builders! Scott has grown up alot...I used to despise him but he's grown on me..Kourtney is the freaking fruit loop. She doesnt even let him sleep in the same bed as her. If he is out partying, no wonder! She used him & got what she wanted. She's a millionaire so she doesnt have 2 work-Thats a big lie. Get the facts straight. And Kris is just as bad! Just because Bruce was teaching Angie Everhart how to improve her golf skills...That was Kris' excuse to meet up with her ex-lover who broke up her 1st marriage! Thats not the same thing. Once a cheater-Always a cheater! Bruce & Khloe are my favorites.


Kourtney,dump the tool and get urself a gud guy. . . . . Then again. . . . They are all the same.


I've felt a little attracted to Scott... I have wanted kourtney to open up, and start treating him like a normal girl treats her boyfriend/ baby daddy. I love kourtney though and I know there are complications. And I'm so happy they have Penelope. I'm just really truly hoping for kourtney, mason, penelope, and Scott's sake this is just the tabloids wanting to make a quick buck. Because even if they have haters they r people, and one of those people has 2 young children. Please just b a lie


this is just a made up story, for the show. just like all the other stories on the show they are made up to make people watch. even the kris story about her old lover. its all stagged.


Kourt really needs to get over him...hez no good for her.


Man this story is sooo old why should we fill sorry for her she always says shes soo over it over him shes afraid of being alone and thats just sad there are alot of women that do it alone she needs to take a page from katie holmes


he doesn't really come off as a family type of man... she probably needs to realize now that he, because she didn't before.

Wv peach

A great promo for contraception.

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