Kim Kardashian: No Makeup, No Photoshop, All Bikini Body!

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Aside from the use of a non-FDA approved, dangerous diet supplement, Kim Kardashian is totally all natural.

And the reality star showed off her makeup-free, photoshop-less body last night in a brand new Twitter photo, one of her in a bikini that was accompanied by the caption:

"Sunrise summertime shoot! #nofilter #nophotoshop"

Kim Kardashian Bikini Image

Of course, Kim Kardashian bikini photos are nothing new.

Neither is the trend of giving fans a look at one's makeup free body or face. Among other celebrities to follow this course recently:


why does she do this or why does she feel that she needs to do this !!? her rear end just gets bigger and bigger.bless her heart.pitiful. i kinda feel sorry for her mmmmmM nope.changed my mind


One word:TRASH!!!


How is it all natural when its all plastic?? Also, how the heck can u tell if she's wearing make-up r not, its too dark! To convince me, u have to put her on live tv, use, two boxes of wipes n wipe her face clean, take the extra tracks out, wipe all the glitter oil r wateva off her skin, remove all jewelry, n fake nail.....oh, n dim the lights. We all know that lighting trick. Maybe we'll see a bit of the real kim.


She likes showing off where Kayne putting that big cock of his!


Come on Kim....if you wanted to post a No Makeup, No Photoshop picture, lets see your FACE. Too dark for anyone to tell if you really are make-up less!!!


My neighbor just mowed his lawn.


I agree with you Ken. That woman is all fake and always, always fooling 'her dolls'. Why lifting your arms... to make you slimmer and taller.... sucking the stomach much!! and proper lighting to hide the cellulite and sideways pose for longer thighs. She is not fooling anybody. If you reading this Kim, just GO AWAY! you are an absolute disgrace and very bad role model for the young women outhere. You lie, lie, lie it is part of your DNA. Can't wait to see the trial on tv to find out about all the lies and hopefully Kris will write a tell all book. MB


and the poor lighting hides the cellulite. notice she always poses sideways to hide that massive gross gypsy pelvis?

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