Kim Kardashian: No Makeup, No Photoshop, All Bikini Body!

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Aside from the use of a non-FDA approved, dangerous diet supplement, Kim Kardashian is totally all natural.

And the reality star showed off her makeup-free, photoshop-less body last night in a brand new Twitter photo, one of her in a bikini that was accompanied by the caption:

"Sunrise summertime shoot! #nofilter #nophotoshop"

Kim Kardashian Bikini Image

Of course, Kim Kardashian bikini photos are nothing new.

Neither is the trend of giving fans a look at one's makeup free body or face. Among other celebrities to follow this course recently:


She looks good either way!


You can't even see her....which is the way she and the entire family should be 24/7/365...out of sight and take that idiot fake boyfriend with her.


Famous for being pissed on, and nothing more - with plenty of feeble minded followers.


kim like your brother Rob said , your a whore big time.


My God what ugly hateful remarks. However she got where she is face it shes there and you can believe her bank likes her. If you cant say something nice........


With or without makeup, Kim K. still has the look.


The way that the Kardashians got famous is sick!!! their Father defended a MURDERER!!!


This all she knows,what her other talent????


Kim Kardashian is such a disgusting piece of shit. I can't see why she is so famous and always being talked about. The whore has no other talent except being a whore. Now we all can see that she has a deformed body with her pelvic girdle way to big for her rib cage and shoulders. Guess god made her that way knowing that her lower holes would be getting most of the action over other parts of her body.


Look at that huge ass. I bet Kanye can sink his fist to his wrist and she'd never flinch.

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Los Angeles, California
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