Kim Kardashian: No Makeup, No Photoshop, All Bikini Body!

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Aside from the use of a non-FDA approved, dangerous diet supplement, Kim Kardashian is totally all natural.

And the reality star showed off her makeup-free, photoshop-less body last night in a brand new Twitter photo, one of her in a bikini that was accompanied by the caption:

"Sunrise summertime shoot! #nofilter #nophotoshop"

Kim Kardashian Bikini Image

Of course, Kim Kardashian bikini photos are nothing new.

Neither is the trend of giving fans a look at one's makeup free body or face. Among other celebrities to follow this course recently:


@Nycprincess Saw your comment to what are you? Some drop dead gorgeous broad featured in Playboy on a regular basis? Jesus! Sure you couldn't use a little "Dr. Phil" time as well? You talk about other folks offering rude statements! Look at yourself in the mirror ---if you DARE!!!! Or could it be you prefer girls over boys?!? Hmmmmm?


Fake scum slut tramp girl can not even be honest trying to be honest you can't even see the cow. She needs help lots and lots of help.


I can't see her face so why the hell does she have this stupid type of stuff spread across the internet, oh right, for money!


Yasdnl there are so many jealous psychopaths in this world. I agree with u! She looks beautiful with or without makeup.


Well said yasdnill


To all the people writing derogatory comments - I hope I never, ever meet any of you. Kardashian simply has some shots taken, but you use the opportunity to spill your bile so that others can read your thoughts. Anyone who has seen the show would know that there have been many close-up shots of her without make up and looking great. It's not just about her figure - her face is lovely, too. If you don't like her, don't waste your time reading articles and working yourselves up. Simple.


My doG, put a flag over her head and do it for your country, or better yet put a plastic grocery store bag over a do it for whatever store you shop at. But Please tie it around her neck and screw it til it's dead.


Lana you sad sad girl. Her body is gorgeous! Lets see a picture of u?? U might scare us! Lol ur so jealous of her its beyond unhealthy. You need to see a psychiatrist. Kim k is beautiful! :)


Wow some people take the hateful comments way too far! Jesus!!! Such jealousy in this world. Shes gorgeous, and yes her bank likes her! So eat your hearts out haters!


Oh @Ken1!!! LMAO

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