Kim Kardashian: No Makeup, No Photoshop, All Bikini Body!

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Aside from the use of a non-FDA approved, dangerous diet supplement, Kim Kardashian is totally all natural.

And the reality star showed off her makeup-free, photoshop-less body last night in a brand new Twitter photo, one of her in a bikini that was accompanied by the caption:

"Sunrise summertime shoot! #nofilter #nophotoshop"

Kim Kardashian Bikini Image

Of course, Kim Kardashian bikini photos are nothing new.

Neither is the trend of giving fans a look at one's makeup free body or face. Among other celebrities to follow this course recently:


Who cares about this broad...she is famous for absolutely nothing..and what a friggin sham that wedding was...did they return all the gifts they received...what a bunch of bullshit that was...all the money they pocketed..shame on you two


So many idiots in this world.


Lana too bad for u ... You have nothing better to do than be jealous of celebrities. You have a lot of time on your hands. Shes beautiful. Eat your heart out!!


Midwestgirl* learn how to spell sweetheart, i have no time for you jealous losers. By the way i am a model... So yes, im going to side with kim, because i know what its like to have jealous b**** constantly hating. You're pathetic.


I am ashamed to be called Kim! I wish that everyone would stop giving these no talent hacks attention! She is not hot! Just look at the photo of her coming out of the gym! You wouldn't look at her twice except to look at her huge abnormal butt! Kim does look attractive fully made up with all of the fake attachments, eyelashes etc but she is very average otherwise! Her mother is the brains of the operation and she has made celebrities out of nothing! People, stop watching these people and validating nobodies with no talent or skills! STOP!


@Nycprincess too bad for you that you have no life and nothing better to do than start it up with strangers. Can see real clear why you are fan of KK. Love & light...


Kim is in love with herself, it's all about Kim. She wants to be in the spotlight all the time. There will never be a man in her life that she loves as much as she loves herself,


Its a nice photo;but u cant see her face is a pretty girl,doesnt need to prove anything to anyone.Alot of ladies with beautiful skin feel that others being jealous,doing no makeup will kill the noise.


She looks great. It's nice to see her newest pic without all the makeup & touchups. Natural is a good way to go for her. Nice job Kim :)


Kim put this picture on Twitter knowing full well it would illicit a response. Having said that Lindsay, Kim herself had to expect haters. Get over it.

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