Kim Kardashian: No Makeup, No Photoshop, All Bikini Body!

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Aside from the use of a non-FDA approved, dangerous diet supplement, Kim Kardashian is totally all natural.

And the reality star showed off her makeup-free, photoshop-less body last night in a brand new Twitter photo, one of her in a bikini that was accompanied by the caption:

"Sunrise summertime shoot! #nofilter #nophotoshop"

Kim Kardashian Bikini Image

Of course, Kim Kardashian bikini photos are nothing new.

Neither is the trend of giving fans a look at one's makeup free body or face. Among other celebrities to follow this course recently:


Kim k do your thing don't mind the malicious dirty talks of your enemies. You are beautiful and hot that's why they can't stop talking about you.


@Reality Princess - you may be right about that @Nycprincess individual. I dusted him/her/it because I got tired of 'her' nasty posts attacking the viewers. I don't take SB from anyone, let alone a he/she troll. Everyone has the right to post their opinion without attacking other viewers. Like I said - 'it' needs to get a VJJ and then 'it' can be a real princess. Love & light.


@Lana You know as well as I do that Nycprincess is probably some ugly fat slob sitting there before the screen with her hair pulled back in a half-assed ponytail, burly arms 'n stubby fingers peckin' madly away on the keyboard, b.o. billowing about her due to a lack of a shower in the past 48 hrs.---blemishes and a few scattered moles--one or two hairs protuding out, and gnarly toes with flaky skin and cracked heels. Just livin' in a fantasy world of her own. If she was a real model? She'd be too busy in the photo studio or at a photo shoot and if not there? Busy at the gym keeping a tight body....tight or at a quaint spa 'cause she's got some REAL bucks to spend and pamper herself. Hahahaha!


really liked that KimKleaked . com sex tape of her


Yes lana i am a model! Eat your heart out!


To all the people with the negative comments. Get a life!!


@Nycprincess you need to get a vjj so you can be a real princess. See ya posted 3 nasty comments in a row. Like I said you got nothin better to do - fool. A model - ha ha oh yea.


Famous for nothing,reality show is really not reality. Everything is fake like Kim's ass and boobs.


This picture is a good 5 years old, if not older..Why is she posting an old pic???


Her ass is so big, it makes her look fat and short. If it weren't for shallow Hals who'd love to stick their popsicle in her butt, she'd be nothing.

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