Kim Kardashian, Kleavage Pose in Bathing Suit

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Another day, another Kim Kardashian bikini photo.

Shortly after this reality star posted a pic of herself - supposedly UNphotoshopped and makeup free - on Twitter, the talentless professional celebrity has done so again - and you simply won't believe it:

This one is a major cleavage shot.

Kim Kardashian Bathing Suit Pic

Good morning Miami, Kim wrote as the caption to the image, which features a skintight swimsuit, the edge of a boat and crystal blue water.

You might say Kardashian is fishing for compliments.

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"posted a pic of herself - supposedly UNphotoshopped" cellulite... psoriasis......


She didn't say this photo was not photoshopped, she said a previous one was not. It's basic reading comprehension, people.


Please, that photo is definitely photoshopped and she is obviously wearing makeup. Who does she think she is kidding? Hollymywood- if all you want to read about is world hunger and AIDS, why the hell are you on a website called hollywood gossip? Not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you???


seems to me ms Hilton Hater need to look in the mirror before she calls someone else talentless when you cant find anything inspiring to write about other than trash about trash.What about world hunger, what about the number of children dying out there with HIV/AIDS these are the things that are worth discussing not how many times Kim Kardashin is putting herself out there.4k KK


Not photoshopped........right......and my name is Fool. SHe makes it a job at fooling the gullible imbeciles (her saying according to Kris H). But I am not a fool and I know she is a big liar, her whole family members are a bunch of liars that is their MO. Oh! and another thing I am neither jealous or envious.......who would be jealous of a whore... really. She got pissed on making a sex tape... who would be jealous of that! Can't wait for the trial, it will all come out. One good thing .... money does not buy class. Thank God for that. MB


The Human Urinal!