Kim Kardashian, Kleavage Pose in Bathing Suit

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Another day, another Kim Kardashian bikini photo.

Shortly after this reality star posted a pic of herself - supposedly UNphotoshopped and makeup free - on Twitter, the talentless professional celebrity has done so again - and you simply won't believe it:

This one is a major cleavage shot.

Kim Kardashian Bathing Suit Pic

Good morning Miami, Kim wrote as the caption to the image, which features a skintight swimsuit, the edge of a boat and crystal blue water.

You might say Kardashian is fishing for compliments.


Plain Ugly! Certainly no pin-up girl you would look at twice. Once is enough. Phony!!!!!


Kanye is in the photo..., he's behind her gigantic ass. Yet another photo showing Ms. Famous-For-Being-A-Skank is deformed. Is she tapping her head to hear the hollow echo?


So im guessin kanye is taking the pic??????


I wonder if she has a bikini girdle. @Bitches, love the name.


@ Omg. I agree... I guess the bitch will NEVER go away... damn our bad luck!


What is the point of this post? If we wanted to see these pictures Kim posts on Twitter, we would follow her on Twitter! You slam her for being attention-starved all the time, bur she gets as much attention here as anywhere when you post stuff about her every day...


Really ? Well at least one thing is for sure she is never going anywhere. As much as I would LOVE not to hear about her or her family I guess it will never end.


She is such an attention whore


I cant wait to see what happens at her and kris humphries trial!!!!!! It'll be interesting, unlike her twitter pics


In my knowledge whenever someone says "i am not jealous"usually means one thing!you are green with envy.Α̲̅πϑ what right do u have calling Kim a whore? Please don't hate on her cause she is everything you're not,never will be or will never have!!

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