Kim Kardashian Fashion Choice: Fail or Fabulous?

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It's Paris Fashion Week, which means one thing: we're about to be bombarded with countless examples of hideous outfits that pompous designers and celebrities pretend are hip and chic and totally the next trend.

In reality, they're just stupid looking.

Case in point: Kim Kardashian and the following black dress, which appears to be growing some kind of weed along one side of it. She may wanna call in an exterminator for this monstrosity...

  • Hideous Kim Kardashian Dress
  • Kim and Kanye in Black

Kardashian, of course, is accompanied here to the Stephane Rolland Fashion Show by boyfriend Kanye West, about whom she recently gushed to Oprah.

Might these two shack up? Get married? Have kids? We'll save those pressing questions for another time and focus instead now on the contraption attacking Kim.

Give this dress a grade:


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It'd be great w/o the blobby poof. Shoes don't go w/ dress. Hair is pretty.


just stopin' into the KFC for sum fryd chiken n grape soda with her shoe shine boy or is that her butler ? Benson?


Her existence is a FAIL.


LOL @Lana!


Looks like she's blowing smoke out of her VJJ.


Wow! Luv ya kim k but that dress gots to go!!!


The white looks like an exploded tampon. If they toned that down alot it would be an ok dress. Kim looks slimmer, guess Kayne agrees with her.


That is one FUGLY dress and her hair looks awful!!!!!


It's not bad, i don't like the hair and the shoes don't really go well with it but her figure looks great.


iGIVE that *digusting* dress aBIGG fat "F"!!
juss kuz some "designer" made it!!
kim think itz SOOOO fucking glamorous!=D