Kim Kardashian Covers InStyle, Still Believes in Love

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Kim Kardashian graces the August cover of InStyle and you simply won't believe all the things tells the magazine about her marriage to Kris Humphries and her relationship with Kanye West.

Okay, maybe you will.

Kim Kardashian InStyle Cover

"I've always believed in love," Kardashian says for the 97th time, reciting the same lines about her divorce written months ago by some PR firm. "I haven't always been so lucky, but I still do believe in it.. I loved this person, it just wasn't the right situation for me. I try to hold my head up high and live my life."

And wear really ridiculous fashion whenever possible.

Kim, of course, is now dating Kanye, at least in public. She's hopeful it will last because her mother says she needs to pretend she can commit the two have been close for years.

“We’ve had a deep friendship for so long and that’s the start of a really good relationship."

But will Kardashian and West be walking down the aisle any time soon, as tabloids have alleged? Probably, the former says, though that could change at any time if E! producers change their mind.

“It has taught me to take things slow,” she said of her second marriage. “I’ve always been the type to fall in love fast and, with every boyfriend, I plan out my wedding in my head.”

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To deon or whatever the hell your name is lol... First off I was never talking about a person named ' LIM ' I was actually talking about KIM haha anyways i don't give a shit what you have to say about me.. but next time your gonna try to talk shit to someone you should check your spelling, cause you sound like a loser who didn't finish 2nd grade, Just saying.!.!.




To the person "me", if u hate Lim that bad, then y do u read about her? Mayb u should get over yourself. If youre going to b so big as to bitch about her then b a big enough person and at least use your name. Thats assumimg youre a real person amd not shithead pretending to b an actual person.


At least the tramp can hold her head up high! LOL!!


Ok kimmy get over yourself bitch nobody gives a fuck if you believe in love or not fuckin tramp. I can't believe I keep reading about your dumb ass you sound desperate. You probably haven't found love yet cause no man can trust your skanky ass, that's why you "get the shit beat out of you" and that's why you got used by kris, because they were just treating you like a hoe, since that's how you wanna act.


it's good!!


I love how she's getting paid to say the exact samething she said on Oprah. :)


OMG, Kim's blowing even more smoke out of her VJJ and she's not even wearing that creapy black dress... I hope that Kanye is using Kim for publicity as much as she is using him for the same. And she believes in love..., yes she does - for the right price (or a few rating points at E! or public appearances). Don't worry Kim, if ratings dip you can always do another porno sex tape and have it 'leaked' to the press.