Katie Holmes on Tom Cruise Divorce: #WINNING!

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The terms of TomKat's divorce settlement will remain confidential, but Katie Holmes got "exactly what she wanted" from Tom Cruise, according to reports.

Holmes, who initially filed for sole custody, will receive primary legal custody of their daughter, Suri Cruise, 6, with generous visitation rights for her dad.

"She won and she is happy. Very happy," a source close to Katie said of the star, who blindsided Tom last month. "She can move on and finally live her life."

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The decision to divorce Tom Cruise after nearly six years of marriage wasn't easy, but Holmes "did this only for her daughter ... that's all she cared about."

The actress, who secretly began renting her own NYC apartment two weeks before filing for divorce, "pulled it off brilliantly," according to the source.

"She has her career back and her daughter. She will be a huge star now ... This was all played so well. Katie is very happy with how it all came out."

Um, congratulations? She still got divorced. Sometimes breakups can be for the best and all, but that assessment just sounds so calculated and cold.

Of course, if she really feared Scientology taking over her daughter's life, Katie may have felt she had no choice but to approach it in this manner.

We will likely never know, but credit must be given to both sides for settling this in record time, and amicably, regardless of what caused the rift.

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She didn't got money, but she got her kid and she got freedom from that crazy cult... see what happened to Nicole, she got some money but she lost her kids, so good for Katie, I love Tom, I've been in love with him my whle life but he is crazy!!!


Jane, where do you live, in a trailerpark where all men mainly run after a divorce or the women don't know the fathers or claimed husband as father and dna say otherwise, many men gey costody today. I think Cruise is more worried about a dna test, he could not wait to show the world, he could father a childe after Nicole had one. Katy talks about changing name on her girl, don't think she would if, she didn't knew he can't object


80% of women who get pregnant in the USA are under twenty and out of wedlock.Boys have a reputation of staying out of the kids life.Thats why we favor women.


She didnt win.She got no money.Women get full legal custody anyways.Not Winning.Women win no matter what because our system thinks men are not good parents.

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