Kate Upton Bikini Photo Bonus: New GQ Outtake!

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When it comes to Kate Upton bikini photos, there's always room for one more ... are we right guys? Guys? Oh right, no way you're still reading this.

For the three people who are, the 20-year-old model sizzles in a teeny bikini in this newly-released outtake from Terry Richardson's photo shoot.

You can thank us (and Terry) later. Right now, admire Kate's beauty below, and follow the link to check out more GQ Kate Upton bikini photos ...

Kate Upton Bikini Photo GQ

Upton has gained a massive following due to her sexy curves, but somehow, her famous and healthy figure has landed her a number of critics as well.

Modeling's new "it" girl is a frequent punching bag of the website SkinnyGossip (dot) com, which has been linked to promoting anorexia in the past.

Yes, believe it or not, some people - including Victoria's Secret - actually think the curvaceous Kate is too fat. What do you think of her body?


makes me want to eat more than fast food veery prety


hello dear how are you and how is your life going on


theres only one word 4 her BEAUITFUL!!!.


If that's fat, I'll take it! I would love to be built like her! When you are pretty, someone is always goin to be jealous and find a fault with you. Hang in there Kate, you are beautiful!


Anyone who looks at her and thinks shes fat needs therapy. Real woman are not bony sticks! She looks great! And people who say otherwise are why girls have eat disorders

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