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Duchess Kate did say it was Will's world she was to live and was to accept what was to be expected of her. She has her soul mate. He has his grandmother. He promised to protect his wife and I believe he will.


Thats awful,,,, sorry kate


Whatever..., all of the 'royals' must roll around laughing their asses off every night thinking of all the piles of cash the British people give them every year to play 21st century Camelot. QE2 just bumped up her annual salary to $69M. Pretty good considering how many of her 'subject' live in poverty.


Oh come on now, Liz has a great sense of humor. At the 50th anniversary of Dieppe my Aunts brother met her in the receiving line. Against all rules of protocol, and right there on International Live TV, the bugger chatted her up. She asked of his family, 3 kids he said, all policemen now. She said she had 5 or whatever - Clinton said "Yep - Gawd they can be a pain at times can't they?".

The old broad had a fit of laughter, right there on live tv...

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