Kate Middleton: HUMILIATED By Queen Elizabeth II?

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During Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee celebration in June, Kate Middleton appeared to be fully embraced as a member of the royal family ... only to receive the equivalent of a DIRECT SLAP IN THE FACE from the BITTER QUEEN herself!

Yes, Life & Style claims that one of the longest-reigning monarchs in European history is jealous of Kate Middleton. How, you ask, was Kate supposedly dissed and dismissed?

Kate Middleton Humilitated!

In an official revision to the Royal Household's Order of Precedence, Kate is required to curtsy to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's two daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, as they're both considered blood princesses.

Whereas Kate merely married into the royal family, obviously.

"It's a total humiliation for Kate," a source in Kate and William's social circle says. "It's like a demotion for her, and the queen is the one who ordered this."

When William's with her, no curtsy is necessary, but if she encounters them without her husband, she has to bow down, in public or private. Degrading.

"These queen's moves are designed to remind Kate that just because she's popular, she isn't as important as any other royal-born family member," the friend says.

The horror? What's next, calling Kate Middleton a gold digger?

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Princess Catherine,hold your head high,smile,wave.and stay happy.You've married the man you love. You've put up with the bulls---,and still got your man. Stay Strong and be happy. You are a Princess to me and the U.S.


come on, leave the royals to themselves and stop making controversies just for the sake of it. they know better the rules and the regulations which needs to be followed, and i am positive that even kate knows about it and even if she does not then she will have to learn. someday she is going to be the queen and should know these, and let some of our friends know that kate did accept all these rules before entering the royal household. God bless them all and let us not make a fuss over nothing and let the queen enjoy her celebrations. After all she deserves all this for what she has done for the United Kingdom. May God bless us all and give us the ability to see good things in all people rather than making a mountain out of a mole.


The Queen revised the rules of precedence when Charles married Camilla. She placed her 3rd behind Princesses Anne and Alexandra, this is just to continue the same, the principle being that Royal Princesses take precedence over Royal Duchesses - neither Camilla or Catherine are Princesses, Eugenie and Beatrice are. Precedence has always been determined on Title and closeness in relation to the Monarch, children of Monarchs have precedence over grandchildren. It is not a slap in the face for Catherine at all and I'm certain she does not see this as much as the media would like to create a controversy about it, after all that's what sells.


Kate, everyone loves you so be strong snd hsppy


I think Kate is not a gold digger and she reallyh is in love with William and if I were her; I wouold say the hell with royalty and just be a loving wife in a beautiful marriage.


she didn't threaten Camilla because she is so ugly and unpopular. They should leave Kate alone as she brings happiness to such a boring family. Just like Diana was tossed away because she was a very likeable person as is Kate they are all just jealous.


I am I the only one who is reminded of the ugly stepsisters in Cinderella when I see pictures of Beatrice and Eugenie? Just saying!


I'm sure The Duchess of Cambridge wasn't all that humilated. After, all that is how things are done. Katherine will learn all of this as time goes by. As for the suggestion that she was royally dissed is how these trash rags sell their papers and most of the time they have no truth or desire to tell the truth after that they wouldn't make money if they actually told the truth. Let's all remember it was their thrist for the all mighty dollar that made the two young Princes mother die by decending on her in that tunnel in Paris like a pack of wild animals. First, of all her Highness should charge them w/ a bull shit tax everytime they go after some one in the royal family they should be taxed a severe fine (the magazine, not the individualal reporter). Maybe it would make the people in charge of these trash rags that they are responsible for their content. Just a suggestion your Highness. Maybe it will stop this crap before something else happens.


So... What does Queen Elizabeth do when Kate says, "stuff it hag, I won't bow to those gaudy whores"? No, seriously, like what is she going to do, send her to jail for not bowing? I don't think she has really any power to do anything but kick her out... And well, that isn't too bad cause they have a cottage, so it's not like they don't have anywhere else to be but the palace.


Re. the gold digger comment, she did try her hardest to nab William for quite a while before she got him. One wonders why???