Kanye West Totally "Digging" Kim Kardashian, May Put a Ring On It

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Kim Kardashian says she still believes in love. And that's a good thing.

Because a Kanye West insider claims this rapper is totally smitten with the personality-free reality star - and truly is thinking marriage!

“I really think this girl is the one, and Kanye may step his game up and put a ring on it," the Kanye source tells Hollywood Life.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Paris

This isn't the first time an anonymous mole has gushed over West's feelings and plans for Kardashian. Previous reports said Kanye even hopes to impregnante Kim in the near future. Shudder.

“They’re bonded,” the Hollywood Life source concludes. “They’re just enjoying each other’s time, and he’s spoiling the sh-t out of her. He [lavishes] her with clothes and jewelry and sh-t, and he doesn’t even have to. He just wants her to feel appreciated and wants her to know how much he’s digging her.”

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Better plan for a wedding where the guests don't bring gifts and if these two have a baby it's going to be butt ugly (pun intended). All of us know the "Source" is Kris Jenner trying to keep the Klan relevant.