Kanye West Totally "Digging" Kim Kardashian, May Put a Ring On It

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Kim Kardashian says she still believes in love. And that's a good thing.

Because a Kanye West insider claims this rapper is totally smitten with the personality-free reality star - and truly is thinking marriage!

“I really think this girl is the one, and Kanye may step his game up and put a ring on it," the Kanye source tells Hollywood Life.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Paris

This isn't the first time an anonymous mole has gushed over West's feelings and plans for Kardashian. Previous reports said Kanye even hopes to impregnante Kim in the near future. Shudder.

“They’re bonded,” the Hollywood Life source concludes. “They’re just enjoying each other’s time, and he’s spoiling the sh-t out of her. He [lavishes] her with clothes and jewelry and sh-t, and he doesn’t even have to. He just wants her to feel appreciated and wants her to know how much he’s digging her.”

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Why do this kardashians girls like to chase the black dick? what's up with that?
Kanye Is an ugly arrogant mother fucker. If she was my daughter I would have disowned her by now, I'm sure her father isn't all that Proud have a bunch of little mix thugs running around fOr grandchildren, please spear us of any future rappers we got enough gangster ruining our kids w foul language


Kim just need to get over herself try living in the real world and having real life truggles kim is only doing this for publicity and chris should of did more than wat he did... She is such a fake and very materialistic ....omg wat im i going to do wit out my gucci bag and shades poor kim .... shout out to khloe and lamar ....kourtney needs to get a grip


Omg can u say perverts!!!! Most of these ppl leaving comments r so perverted yuk!! I think kim and kanye r good together amd wut ever they do in private is their business! Wish the best of luck to dem!


If kanye west wants Kim kardashion digging him go on ok


I think these 2 are perfect for each other.....they both have matching immense egos!! If I never heard about these 2 again, it would be too soon! He's known for being a douche bag and she's known for.....????......Well, besides her sex tape (what a great role model! Mom must be proud!!) she's known for being a materialistic serial marrier!! Enough with the Kardashians already!


Holy fuck..... If Kanye marries Kim Kardashian, then one of the hottest women on the planet will not be available anymore.... I'd fuck her like a rabbit now, and impregnate her ASAP..... Guarantee that she gets pregnant by fucking her every hour on the hour when she is during her ovulation period.... Fill that cunt with a fuck load of sperm! She must be fuckin' awesome to fuck.... Her and Paris Hilton!


Put a ring on it? Put a sock in it? This bitch has had everything possible, right? In it, on it, above it, beneath it...list goes on & on. Nasty, skank whore...these two need to keep fucking like the pigs they are & just leave the rest of us outta their drama!


Kim and Kanye look so fabulous together. They deserve to be happy too, put a ring on it kanye babe all the luck, I mean u got the hottest woman in Hollywood. Xxoxo!! Haters keep hating it don change a thing.


At least 2 pieces of trash can connect. Can Tom Cruise take them away on his space ship??


Hope he uses her real good then finds a nice girl to marry. Who wants to marry some used up slut that everyone already had it with. Maybe she needs to have her snatch tightened up some.