Kanye West Performs in Atlantic City, Serenades Kim Kardashian

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Kanye West put on his first solo concert in over a year Friday night in Atlantic City, but the rapper wasn't really alone.

He made multiple references throughout the night to Kim Kardashian, who watched the festivities from a private box alongside close friend Jonathan Cheban.

At one point, Kanye broke out into a rendition of "Way Too Cold" (aka "Theraflu"), the track in which he initially declared his love for Kim. At another, he told attendees: "If you love someone tonight… hold on real tight!"

Kardashian, witnesses tells Us Weekly, jokingly hugged herself in response.

Kanye and Kim are reportedly heating up. Big time. A recent story claimed he's seriously thinking of putting a ring on Kardashian's finger, despite the fact that she is legally still married and despite the fact that the relationship is clearly just for PR purposes.


Looooooool lol lol lol can't stop laughin. Lov u kimnye


Hello i have a nine year old daughter that loves to sing do you work with that age group and if you do what is the fee.


I was at the concert...she didn't really move around that much. I'm sure she thought she was supporting her man but it didn't seem like it from where I was sitting.


I'd love to go one day without reading about these two horrible people!


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