Kailyn Lowry Debuts Insane Back Tattoo

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Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry has been working on a new tattoo for quite awhile now ... when it takes over your entire back, that thing's going to require many trips.

It's not even totally done yet, but it's close enough to the point where she's ready to debut it for fans, which she did last week with a photo on Instagram.

"Session 7! We're getting close! #inked," Lowry tweeted, along with this:

  • Kailyn Lowry Tattoo
  • Kailyn Lowry Twitpic

The quote above reads: "To the world you are one person but to one person you are the world." Words to live by for the mother of adorable little Isaac.

Flowers, trees, rolling hills and more will adorn Kailyn's body for all eternity. A bit much, perhaps, but hey, at least she's not in jail like Jenelle Evans.

What do you think of the ink? How does it compare to some other celebrity tattoos we've seen in recent months? Share your comments with us below.

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So WhAt WhO cArEs


Wow! You'd think if she was gonna spend money on a tattoo, it would at least be a good piece... This is horrible! she obviously must not have spent much on it... lol


She gets paid a lot of money for the show. May not have had much in the beginning but she does now. I watch the show thinking the same thing. How do they have nicer things then I do? They get paid for the show, magazines and guest appearance obligations. They are not hurting at all. They all have nice houses, cars and clothes. They are getting paid a lot so our tax dollars are not going to this tattoo. They are not on welfare.


thats an amazing tattoo! love it! As for where she got the money from, who cares! She works hard and quite frankly thats noones business but her own, get a life and stop judging. Pretty sure she wouldn't let her son go without so she could get inked..


what do you expect from a teenage whore?

@ Me

actually i dont know if you watch the show, but if you did you would know that kailyn is far from being a whore. also, she is an excellent mother, at least as portrayed on the show. never know what happens behind closed doors.


Me personally think is a nice tat... I am married and a mother of 2 and have a great job. I have a half sleeve and some on my back and I can afford it... These girls get paid for doing the show so she can pretty much afford it... Some of you need to not comment and it is not nasty or disgusting I think it looks wonderful on her. By the looks of it y'all need to do something better with y’all time instead of talking shit about other ppl...


Can I just say - I am married with 3 kids, a great job and I could not afford something like this. How is someone who is a teenage mother on welfare afford something like this? It's disgusting to me that my tax $ goes to help support these people and their children and this is what they decide to do with it. Meanwhile I'm struggling everyday to give my kids the things they need and live a good life. Completely disgusting, hope you enjoy my $.


Seriously?!?!? This girl constantly complains about having no money and having two jobs and she blows her money on that huge, hideous tattoo? I really hope she didn't blow Isaac's child support money on this crap. Absolutely disgusting.


What a waste of her pizza parlor money


Well its her body, so lets leave her to deal with it.