JWoww Shows Off New Tattoo, Bikini Body

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Jersey Shore star JWoww recently got a giant new tattoo of a tiger.

In the new issue of Inked, she shows it off ... in a bikini of course.

"As an art student, I like how people express art on their bodies," says JWoww (real name Jenni Farley) whose other tattoos also include a giant dragon.

Here's a look at her latest ink. FOCUS on the tiger, people ...

JWoww's New Tattoo

Snooki's BFF tells Inked that her tattoos were designed by Jon Squid, her college adviser and an art student who has also been tattooing for 10 years.

She also says she wanted something on the other side of her body to balance out the dragon, and the dragon and tiger symbolize good versus evil.

They both symbolize badassness if you ask us. As for the locations, she says it enables her to flaunt them, yet also cover them when she wants.

Hard to argue with that. Click to enlarge more JWoww photos!

JWoww Tiger Tattoo
JWoww Inked
J-Woww Bikini Pic
JWoww Tattoo

[Photos: Inked]

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