JWoww Promotes NATURAL Weight Loss Supplement

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Jenni “JWoww” Farley of Jersey Shore fame is seen here at a store signing on behalf of the natural body supplement, Ab Cuts Sleek & Lean by Revolution.

First-ever use of "JWoww" and "natural" in the same sentence?

When looking for a celebrity to promote an all-natural weight-loss supplement, you have to think JWoww is #1 on any company's list, right?

Definitely. Non-ironic marketing at its finest.

JWoww Ab Cuts
JWoww Lips

[Photos: WENN.com]


We've been seeing/watching her for 5 yrs. She's never gained or lost a pound. We're supposed to believe she uses this product? Also, she really looks scary. What the hell is she thinking??? Shes in her 20's! Ease up lady!


If she wanted natural, she should have skipped all the work on her face! Boobs, fine if thats what you want. But her face is scarily plastic looking


Eat less Move around more == now send me a dollar

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