Justin Bieber Raises the YouTube Bar, Sets New Goal

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Justin Bieber has made it clear once again: he's not a little kid anymore.


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    I luv justin bieber sooooo much im a belieber


    If Justin was gay, which he isnt, that was be classed as bunlliyg because your hating him because of his sexuallity. But Justin Bieber isn't gay. Does it make you feel big to hate him? What you haters are doing is trying to ruin a persons life. How would you like it if I came along to your pathetic little word and said, I don't like the colour of your hair so I will be mean. All you haters are is a bully behing a computer :/ Do you realise that your hating on the makers video aswell? Pathetic!!






    I love the music viedo of as long as u love me thats a good song im a huge belieber


    Justin I love you and your songs very much and I want to be seen at least once in your top friends, I am a fan.


    JBIEB IS SO POPULAR BECAUSEMICHAEL TREVINO'S FACE GETS NO POON NAN NAY. the guy that says "this guy" got his dickk cut off haivng rough sexxx with kevin whalen and rupert grant. michael trevino got his dickkk cut off having rough sexxx with zackkk young. nick carter got his dick cut off having rough sexxxxx with alex petyfer.2012 unlv baseball team got their dick cut off having rough sexx with kevin whalen and gerard butlerPERIOD AFTER ALEXDGRADES FIND WHERE ..PS OTHERP


    @mrs brase. Wow! Ididnt know that! So sad!


    The second picture for this article.....as long as he wears the crotch of his damn pants clear down by his knees, I have a very hard time believing he's "maturing." Secondly, does he know the source of where that practice - wearing the pants down low, came from? Inmates - making their backdoors more accessible to the "big guys"....for sex in prison! That is disgusting that he does that! NOT impressed!!!


    this is incredible

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