Justin Bieber on Sex: Wait for Love!

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Justin Bieber is a man now. So he states in the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

As such, the singer touches on manly subjects in his interview with the magazine. Sex, for instance.

"I don't think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them," Bieber says, later pressed on whether this means one should save oneself for marriage and replying again: "I think you should just wait for the person you're... in love with."

Justin Bieber in Rolling Stone

Bieber, of course, has stated how much he loves Selena Gomez. So you do the math.

Justin is the latest teenage icon to go into detail with his views on sex. Earlier this year, Miley Cyrus referred to the act as beautiful.

What do you think of these young celebrities discussing the subject? Fair game? Or a case of TMI?


Tim: I'm not a Bieber fan but to you and all those idiots who find it so easy to accuse someone of being gay I say prove it! By the way I'm by no means a gay person but it irks me when people say shit that they know no one can prove. Grow Up!


JOY: Apparently you've just discovered all these fancy words to make people think you're intelligent. I understood exactly what you were trying to say and it all sounded racist to me. By the way there is no word in the english language that is called "subverversion". You were trying use the word "subversion"right? The way you phrased your sentences sounded like you didn't learn much in your english class. There were other things you did wrong but I think you got the point. You get a D-in the english language.


so true. nice tips but, michael trevino's dad got his dick cut off having rough sex with taylor kinney. michael trevino got his dick cut off having rough sex with jason agron.josh bowden got his dick cut off having rough sex with kevin whalen.


that's right...I think too Justin's got some pretty respectable views on things.


I think he's absolutely right. Justin's got some pretty respectable views on things.


I know if I was famous I would want my sex life shared with NO ONE. Sex is a beautiful thing that should be shared with two human beings who love each other and should not be discussed with anyone but the two people involved in the relationship.


I was in love with that chick I nailed when I was 16, for 15 minutes...


Damn y r u all saying he's gay?! cuz u r all just so freacking jealous of him becuz all the girls are.. in love or have a crush on him. btw m not having a crush or falling in love with him, and m not a fan xd


Dude is gay.All these dudes are hiding because it will ruin the career.They hide of fear.But its safer to accept them.I dont want kid sleeping or marrying a dude on dl who does crap on dl.


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