Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Sort of Still Together!

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They may be going on private helicopter flights, but might the relationship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez soon be grounded for good?

According to TMZ insiders, none of whom is named or extensively quoted, Justin and Selena have been unstable for quite some time now. Their status is described as "unstable," by the website, which claims the young superstars have continually split and reconciled over the past few weeks.

Selena and Justin Hug

Having been dating for 18 months, Bieber and Gomez are together at the moment, the source adds, but it's a tenuous situation and their relationship could crumble at any time.

Rumors of a break-up first cropped up in May, following a mysterious Bieber Tweet.

While we have no confirmation in either direction, both halves of the couple have certainly been busy of late. Bieber is flying around the country, performing and promoting his new album, while Gomez recently talked of going on tour some time in the future.

Might such busy schedules simply be too much of a burden for the adorable duo these days? We'll update this pressing story as information comes in.

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I think justin bieber and selena are a good match although i dont really like justin but i love selena gomez shes super sweet and a very pretty girl all my love goes to you selena xoxo alexandria 2012


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No one should listen what other people say about Justin and Selena they make a wonderful couple she is a Christian and he is too. People are so ingurant boys are just jealouse because Justin has a pretty girl and they don't. Girls are just jealous because he is famouse and they just want his money and his fame. Girls just back off he has a girl name Selena Gomez and boys back off of Selena she has a boyfriend name Justin Bieber so just back Selena and Justin deserves one another. They are in love and I wouldn't want no one to brother me while I am in a strong relationship with my boyfriend so please back off please


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