Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Sort of Still Together!

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They may be going on private helicopter flights, but might the relationship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez soon be grounded for good?

According to TMZ insiders, none of whom is named or extensively quoted, Justin and Selena have been unstable for quite some time now. Their status is described as "unstable," by the website, which claims the young superstars have continually split and reconciled over the past few weeks.

Selena and Justin Hug

Having been dating for 18 months, Bieber and Gomez are together at the moment, the source adds, but it's a tenuous situation and their relationship could crumble at any time.

Rumors of a break-up first cropped up in May, following a mysterious Bieber Tweet.

While we have no confirmation in either direction, both halves of the couple have certainly been busy of late. Bieber is flying around the country, performing and promoting his new album, while Gomez recently talked of going on tour some time in the future.

Might such busy schedules simply be too much of a burden for the adorable duo these days? We'll update this pressing story as information comes in.

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Justin should be with Selene it's better


if selena and justin r still dating or if they already r i would be jealous and mad that he cuddles with other girls in his video and not with me in that random video like the song as long as you love me


we love you selena


they belong each other........selena don't even care about those bullshit.....they are just only bullshit......they jealous because they don't have a boyfriend like justin....justin love selena like your own wife.....marry selena the best..........all those people who talk about selena and her husband they are bullshit......


i hate selena gomez.shes stealing my boyfriend......who know that my


I am happy that the tours are coming. I think Selena deserves a better man then Justin. I don't like Justin at all!


if they are still dating then theyshould stay toghther they belong wid each other but they will always beak u and get back toghther as they always belong wid ech other


hi I love u guys have been dating for 18 months thats is just cool

@ cat valentines

cool bullshit


I lovebu jb and Selena Gomez(as a friend) u guys bige fan jb and self u should stay together freak anyone who hates every single thing about you so don't listen to haters and fuck you ashley (that's Reyna) the other one is tiffany I love u jb and sel

@ reyna and tiffany

Hey do u like that selena gomez and justin bieber are still together

@ cat valentines

it's none of your business........ yes selena and justin are good for each other.we love you selena and justin..........


Not a huge fan of the whole Justin & Selena relationship personally i think he deserves better but he's blinded by love right now and girls just let him be blinded 4 a while then when he's able 2 see good again,you might be the lucky 1 and take his heart and be the girl he was looking for u just gotta wait a little... trust me i know from 1st hand the same thing happened 2 me =D

@ bieberlova

Bullshit, your crazyy, and you got it alll backwards, Selena deserves better, Justin Bieber is trash, he's fake as fuk! Get a life moron, poor selena, and those people out there who supposedly loves justin bieber you all need to get a fukin life cuz Justin is shitt