Justin Bieber: A Need for Too Much Speed?

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Justin Bieber ran afoul of the law once again last week. Or he drove afoul of it, to be more accurate.

The young singer was pulled over by Los Angeles police on Friday after 10 people called 911 due to his excessive speeding and weaving on the 101 Freeway.

Yes, Bieber was trying to escape the paparazzi - but is that really an excuse for endangering other motorists? The worst case scenario is those (pathetic) photographers simply would have snapped some pictures of the artist.

Justin Bieber on a Segway

Moreover, as TMZ recounts, this is merely Bieber's latest brush with highway patrolmen.

He was cited for going 90 miles per hour in his Range Rover last year… and he was pulled over in October for actually cutting off an officer.

Two months later? Bieber was caught making an illegal left turn. He also once hit a Honda whole driving a Ferrari.

Before you jump to Justin's defense, close your eyes and imagine: What would you be saying if Lindsay Lohan had this driving record?

So... should Justin Bieber have his license suspended?


I love him and all but really he is out of control with his driving take his license. He doesn't need special treatment just because he is Justin bieber the 3rd most powerful person in the world! And hasn't he always said "i want to be treated normal." Then treat him normal he isn't any different from a normal person besides the fact that he is extremely famous. Take his license maybe he will learn


take his liscense if it was anybody else they would be in jail. i think its sorry that just because you have money and famous you think you can get away with everything. hes no better than any of us.


He has gone from a naive boy to an arrogant, self centered BRAT. Way too much too soon for
an uneducated 18 yo and he cannot handle it. Take his license before he kills someone, including


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