Justin Bieber 911 Call: Paparazzi on My Tail!

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Justin Bieber was pulled over on Friday and cited for excessive speeding. It's not exactly his first traffic violation, either.

But there is another side to the reckless story, as witnesses confirm Bieber was being trailed by multiple members of the paparazzi at the time of his ticket. In an attempt to curtail the chase, he even dialed 911 not long after receiving his punishment.

"I have like five cars following me," Bieber told the operator. ""They're the ones that are driving recklessly now, I'm just trying to like not have them be on my tail right now."

The funniest part of the exchange? When Bieber tries explain the kind of car he's driving ("Ummm... a Fisker"), which actually invokes a giggle from the woman on the other end. If only she knew to whom she was actually speaking, huh?



they need 2 hv enough respect not to do that while sm one is tring to drive dn a busy highway that would b a scary issue and he did call the cops they shouldnt do that there money hungry 4 that shot at NO cost


Why didnt he just pull ovr? What a little idiot.


Let us not forget it was the constant hounding and harassing of Lady Diana Spencer that was the key factor in the car accident that caused her death while trying to evade them. This harassment must stop.


my name is tamerat i like you jestine

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