Jon Voight Defends Jane Pitt, Anti-Gay Marriage Letter: "Good for Her!"

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Move over, Brangelina. You're being upstaged by... your parents?!?

Indeed, days after Brad Pitt's mother, Jane Pitt, made headlines for penning an editorial that bashed Barack Obama as "a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage," Angelina Jolie's estranged father has come out in support of his quasi relative.

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"Good for her," Jon Voight - who once laid into Obama himself for spreading "anti-Semitism throughout the world" - told Fox News about Mrs. Pitt.

The veteran actor, one of the more outspoken conservatives in Hollywood, added that he agreed all around with Jane Pitt's stance.

Moronic Twitter followers have been sending out death threats to Pitt for her letter, but her very own son has no problem with his mother expressing her views. Said Doug Pitt on The Today Show:

"I think moms and dads and kids agree to disagree all over the world. So why would our family be any different? There can be healthy discussion when people disagree with you."

Where do YOU stand on the topic of gay marriage?

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Mrs Pitt is entitled to her opinion and should not be threatened. I believe in gay marraige. Its only fair. I just think its funny people always mention Adam and Eve. If evolution is true, we all came from apes and there was no Adam and Eve. That doesnt mean i dont believe in God. Just that the Bible is full of stories and not all are literal .But it seems people,men, always talk about men and anal sex and how horrible it is etc, but never women.but thats because men think its hot when 2 women are together right? Stop worrying about what people do in their bedroom!


I love Jon Voight! I agree with him.


The story is about gay marriage betty ms perfect.It is about the right to say your opinion and not be threatened with death .That is the way gay people think they are going to be accepted by acting like a spoiled baby.If you do not agree with them than your every name in the book.You cannot have it both ways.They make it sound easy to accept a man sticking his penis in another mans anus and sucking his penis.


Voter turnout in the USA for presidential elections (2008): 57.37%. Very ironic how Bush took 8 years to ruin the country yet people expect Obama to clean up everything in 1-4 years. If you understand economics, politics and the human mind, then you'll understand that picking up an 8 year mess does NOT TAKE ONE DAY. It's so ironic how people are so close-minded on this planet but especially in the USA. For a first world and developed nation, many people choose to revel in ignorance.


If obama was on the down low would everyone still love him just asking.


"...if Mitt gets elected it's gonna get bad, real bad."
If Obama stays in office this country will stay in a tailspin. Mitt Romney was found to have millions in off shore accounts. He got that money by WORKING! The lipservice of Obama actually put into action. This is a man who earned his money and is begruded for doing so.
When you actually work it should be your choice how to spend it, not a trickled downed mandatory TAX. Obamacare should be illegal especially with the sneeky real estate TAX hidden in this strong armed care.


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