Jon Voight Defends Jane Pitt, Anti-Gay Marriage Letter: "Good for Her!"

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Move over, Brangelina. You're being upstaged by... your parents?!?

Indeed, days after Brad Pitt's mother, Jane Pitt, made headlines for penning an editorial that bashed Barack Obama as "a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage," Angelina Jolie's estranged father has come out in support of his quasi relative.

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"Good for her," Jon Voight - who once laid into Obama himself for spreading "anti-Semitism throughout the world" - told Fox News about Mrs. Pitt.

The veteran actor, one of the more outspoken conservatives in Hollywood, added that he agreed all around with Jane Pitt's stance.

Moronic Twitter followers have been sending out death threats to Pitt for her letter, but her very own son has no problem with his mother expressing her views. Said Doug Pitt on The Today Show:

"I think moms and dads and kids agree to disagree all over the world. So why would our family be any different? There can be healthy discussion when people disagree with you."

Where do YOU stand on the topic of gay marriage?

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Jon Voight is such an idiot. I have a feeling that he's backing Jane Pitt on this because of the fact that her son Brad is engaged to Jon's daughter Angelina. STUPID KISS-ASS!!!!!


It's about time we respected our gay brothers and sisters as we would anybody else. They deserve the right to marry, serve their country, and hold a job. That's all they're asking for: there is no radical homosexual agenda. That's a figment of the imaginations of Fox News, Limbaugh, and other demagogues. No one should have the right to force the tenets of one religion on those who don't want it. The country is gradually waking up to this, as the current online poll shows (about 2/3 in favor of gay marriage). Besides, gay people should have the same rights as anyone else to lose half their stuff. (paraphrased from Richard Jeni)


people, we should NOT elect someone to the WHITE HOUSE or any elected place, according to their RELIGION....because, RELIGION HAS "NO" PLACE IN POLITICS....remember: SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE?....we're talking about EQUAL "CIVIL HUMAN RIGHTS" here....were bible thumpers AGAINST mixed races getting married as well? alisa


THIS story is about the GAY MARRIAGE issue, NOT the thumpers LOVE using the bible as an EXCUSE to be AGAINST GAYS and allowing them to have ALL THE SAME RIGHTS, that hetrosexual couples TAKE FOR GRANTED....LOVE IS LOVE, NO MATTER THE "GENDER" OR RACE OF THOSE INVOLVED....MARRIAGE IS ABOUT "LOVE" & "PARTNERSHIP"....NOT about having kids...NOT every couple WANTS or CAN'T have kids....should they be KEPT from marrying?....HELL SOME PEOPLE SHOULD NEVER HAVE KIDS. alisa


Obama is a piece of shit. Angelina Jolie is a home-wrecking whore and over-rated actress. Brad Pitt has his nose so far up Jolie's snatch, he can't see what is going on around him. Their parents must be so proud. LOL At least they are respectable enough to voice their own opinions in spite of the backlash. THAT is respectable. I think the economic consequences of gay marriage are what we should be afraid of. That, and getting that scumbag, lowlife, lying Muslim POS out of the White House. The reaction of those NAACP idiots to Romney shows what they are all about. They'd vote for a Satanic, child molester with an IQ of 10 (just a little smarter than Obama) running for Prez as long as his skin was black. Ridiculous.


Jon Voight is a strong, brave man. Jane Pitt is right to oppose the radical gay agenda. Brad Pitt is a weakling who submits to Angelina.


@Disgusting- for someone who thinks it's disgusting, you sure have a vivid imagination! Lol. @Heather, I agree!


@On Topic- yep, that's what the artcile is about but if you read the 25+ comments before Betty posted you'd see what she's responding to. Also, I agree w/ what PETA stands for but have lost a lot of respect for how they've handled themselves as of late. I don't think it's ok Mrs. Pitt got death threats, but I don't agree w/ her, either. None of us are responsible for another's actions though so your post might be better directed @ those who did the death threats not a poster responding to previous comments.


@Darren, yeah, screw everyone else, the disabled vets, older population, abused, etc. Part of what's wrong w/ this country is so many ppl have forgotten about helping their neighbors, it's everyone for themselves. Capitalism does NOT work! Every society in the last 2000 years that has had that attitude has fallen b/c they have all forgotten basic human decency. Sad.


@KimSue, nope! I've been self sufficient for qute a while, happily married w/ kids, own a home, etc. Do you think so little of the Amer ppl that we should stay w/ 2 candidates (basically sponsored by big corps w/ lobbyists in their ear) b/c we are all 2 stupid to figure it out? It's not rebellious to want more for the country I love. To say otherwise, imo, is a cop out. I've enjoyed our debate & appreciate that you aren't like some who can't debate so they bully, use foul language, etc, a waste of time w/ them. Isn't it great we live in a country where we can do this? :)

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