Jon Voight Defends Jane Pitt, Anti-Gay Marriage Letter: "Good for Her!"

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Move over, Brangelina. You're being upstaged by... your parents?!?

Indeed, days after Brad Pitt's mother, Jane Pitt, made headlines for penning an editorial that bashed Barack Obama as "a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage," Angelina Jolie's estranged father has come out in support of his quasi relative.

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"Good for her," Jon Voight - who once laid into Obama himself for spreading "anti-Semitism throughout the world" - told Fox News about Mrs. Pitt.

The veteran actor, one of the more outspoken conservatives in Hollywood, added that he agreed all around with Jane Pitt's stance.

Moronic Twitter followers have been sending out death threats to Pitt for her letter, but her very own son has no problem with his mother expressing her views. Said Doug Pitt on The Today Show:

"I think moms and dads and kids agree to disagree all over the world. So why would our family be any different? There can be healthy discussion when people disagree with you."

Where do YOU stand on the topic of gay marriage?

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and btw, you might want 2 check what the definition of the words you use actually mean b4 you use them. The def you meant isn't even acknowledged. So again, thanks for telling me someone took the bait!


thanks! Insulting me just means you're bothered. If you actually read the posts, you might actually see- that the response was filthy & uncalled need unless they can't express themselves any other way...kind of like you did.
Again, thanks for letting me know it worked!


Trolls? Those nasty little shit ass's. Pushing puddin all the night long. You are not welcome in the states.


Yeah, Jon! Good for "her"! Let the trolls whine on! The gay lifestyle isn't accepted by the majority. Doesn't need to be. Won't be and the voting citizens of over 30 states have shown that by exercising their constitutional right at the voting polls. Yeeeehaww!


You are a troll. Someone voices their opinion and you must jump to raise your voice above theirs. Your exercising your freedom of speech by trampling others. Get a blog already.


There are no rights and the only guarantee you have for equity is to wake up and fight for your right to breath, no machine should keep you alive. Let them die, that the government can tell you what is right is clearly wrong. We need to limit their power not give them more. Religion is a belief in control the same way government controls. Marry don't marry fuc# don't fuc# it's no matter. Start the revolution and fight!!!


Faggs can talk all they want. you will never be excepted in the life of america. you trashed this good woman. a mother and your filthy way of living is sick. u are a nasty bunch of fuckers and you should not be around kids.


@alisa & @dave - bravo, couldn't have said it better! Awesome!


@F Obama - your comments are gross, grow up. It's a damngood thing you live in a country where ppl are SUPPOSED 2 b accepted no matter their skin color, ethnicity, religion, etc is. Have you ever even read the Declaration of Independence? Doubtful, as if you had you'd know that all of these things you spew your chidish euphimisms @ are what this country was founded on.


I just had another thought...another reason that Jon is probably on Jane's side is because they're about to be related by marriage and Jon is trying to get on Jane's good side any way that he can. Bottom Line: Some men are so fucking DUMB!!!!!

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