Jenny McCarthy Playboy Photos: Released! Still Hot!

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Photos from this month's Jenny McCarthy Playboy spread continue to hit the web, though you'll still need to pick up the magazine for the full monty.

The 39-year-old's Playboy cover, showing her in all her old Hollywood glory, dropped last week. Since then, a few more pictures have been released.

Let's just say she's "still got it," to borrow the unofficial tagline of the much buzzed-about spread. Here's another tease of what's to come ...

Jenny McCarthy in Playboy Photo

Jenny recently remarked that she wanted to pose for the men's magazine that made her famous one last time "before things really start to fall apart." As if.

For 40, or almost 40, she's looking pretty darn good.

Hopefully Hef brings her back for another spread around the time of her 50th birthday. Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it, right? Who says sexy is reserved for 20-year-olds.

Here's a look at the Jenny McCarthy pictures released so far:

Jenny McCarthy in Playboy Pic
Jenny McCarthy Playboy Pic
Jenny McCarthy Nude
Jenny McCarthy Playboy Photo

Jenny never lost nothing over the year , nothing !!!!!


Hey i love you and respect you as a canadian!!! I think hollywood has gone to your head though. Sorry but an ambassadar for autism would be great and be actively involved with sick kids Toronto would really make me respect you!!!! Having a child having special needs ( not autism) but would love to see you BACK UP this amazing hospital. You made your start in playboy like a lot of actresses make the casting couch. It's ok if thats how you want to be popular. But please, to go backwards and do playboy again has made me ashamed that I am your a fellow canadian. You have so much more voice and talent then that and now you are focucused on yourself. Yes I know the nanny is looking after yopur child. Well congrats to you!!!!!!


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