Jennifer Williams Divorce: Did Eric Williams Knock Up Tavia Serena Cannon While Still Married?

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Former NBA star Eric Williams allegedly got Tavia Serena Cannon pregnant while he was still married to Basketball Wives' Jennifer Williams in 2011.

Tavia now wants Eric to pony up the child support ASAP, filing a Complaint for Support in Pennsylvania last week, citing the October 2011 birth.

Cannon says she makes just $300/week babysitting and wants Eric Williams to fork over some cash and medical coverage for their love child, STAT.

Eric and Jennifer Williams

Here's the interesting part. At the time the baby was conceived, Eric was still married to Jennifer Williams, who didn't file for divorce until June.

The Basketball Wives star apparently had NO CLUE about the child until Cannon filed for support; their divorce is still pending in a N.J. court, too.

Williams, who is now dating Al Reynolds, and who has reportedly just been fired from Basketball Wives, surely won't look kindly upon the revelation.

Eric Williams has yet to comment on the child support situation.



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