Jennifer Lopez: I'd Marry Again!

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She's off American Idol. But not off the marriage bandwagon.

Despite having struck out three times with husbands, Jennifer Lopez tells ABC News that she'd absolutely walk down the aisle again if the opportunity presented itself.

"For me, the biggest dream is the fairy tale," Lopez told ABC News's Amy Robach."I will never give up on that dream."

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Photo

The most likely candidate to be husband number-four, of course, is J. Lo's current boyfriend, Casper Smart. The 25-year old told the same network that he's totally smitten with Lopez, but it wasn't love at first sight.

"I don't think it was for either of us," he says. "It was very natural how it happened. There was nothing before. No flirting, nothing before. Just natural. It just happened."

And what's it like to work with one's significant other?

"Sometimes I tell her something – you know, give her notes," says Smart, who is the main choreographer on Lopez's tour. "Sometimes she gives me notes. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter whose position is what because she's the boss."

Insert your obvious sexual joke here, readers.

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I like that dress.


Jennifer will do whatever it is what she wants to do and no one can stop her. Like right now, she knows that Casper is undeniably gay but she will stick with him until that time when she finds someone else. Do not ever think she does not know Casper is as gay as a picnic basket




Why is it when men date younger women it is awesome. Take Clooney and Paul. Girl power! Jlo is awesome.


Looks like a son escorting his mom to dinner. I wonder how much this one cost her? She's getting just like that old Madonna trying to look young by hangin with young guys and wearing clothes designed for girls 20 years younger.


Of course she would; more alimony. Dumb bitch. She's just as money hungry as those dumbass Kardashians. The only reason she even did American Idol was for the millions of dollars, not for love of music and singing. Can't stand her. UGH. People make me sick these days.


Bitch you need to date and leave it at that.


She is crazy if she marries him...come on she's been there done that with the backup dancer. Oh wait she promoted him to head choreograper! She needs to stop and think of her future and her kids.