Jennifer Aniston GQ Spain Cover: Recycled From '08!

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Jennifer Aniston flat-out SIZZLES on the cover of GQ Spain's July/August issue. It's got to be one of the more memorable Jennifer Aniston photos from 2008!

Yes, 2008.

No clue what prompted the magazine's decision to reuse an old shot, but it's not like you would have known based on her appearance. At 43, Jen barely looks a day over 33. She's basically the anti-Lindsay Lohan, who's 26 going on 47.

Jennifer Aniston GQ Spain Cover

"I'll tell you what, I think the 40s are great," says Aniston, who also enlightened us with so many great Wanderlust quotes this year, in the interview.

When you look like that in your 40s, no doubt.

GQ has yet to comment on the recycled pic, but really, with Jennifer posing like that, we can forgive them the trickery once every four years.


Marie Claire Australia did the exact same thing with Jen a few months back lol. Is it that she refuses to do foreign magazines covers so they go & steal pictures and interviews from her previous u.s.a magazine shoots.


Jen must really sell magazines if a well known publication like gq is reusing her old pics and interview while acting as if it's new. Do they think because it's gq Spain everyone will forget that the pics where on American vogue a few years back?


Not only did they recycle the photos, the "interview" isn't new either. She never spoke to the magazine, they've simply compiled various quotes of hers in recent years and made them into an "interview," many from her actual interview (with Paul Rudd) that she did for the US GQ earlier this year. Now blogs and websites are using these out of context and out of date quotes to try and support this week's OK cover story about her allegedly turning Justin's proposal down, despite that being denied already to Gossip Cop. Why can't the press ever leave her alone and stop inventing drama for her???


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I actually feel I've been unbelievably lucky in love. I don't feel like I'm supposed to be any further along or somewhere that I'm not. I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

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You just have to love your life. I have my health, I have my friends, I have my loved ones. I'm extremely lucky.

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