Jef Holm and Emily Maynard: Will They Last?

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Well... he didn't refer to seven-year old Ricki as "baggage." Jef Holm has that going for him.

But the newly minted Bachelorette champion and fiance of Emily Maynard does have one going against him: history.

Couples that get together on this reality show franchise rarely make it to the altar, despite the platitudes of love they deliver back and forth on all finales and subsequent After the Rose ceremonies.

But could Jef and Emily be the exception? The former turned out to be one of the most popular contestants in show history - and Maynard does have a daughter. She isn't exactly messing around here with an eye only on fame and publicity.

Chime in now and predict the future of the brand new couple: Will Jef Holm and Emily Maynard make it?


I agree with Morgan...Emily is in it to get as much as she can and that is why she chose Jef. He is by far the wealthiest of the final three. Poor Jef..he seems so sweet. She didn't want to make it work with Brad because he was not rich enough. DNA goes along way these days and buys a lot of material things as we have witnessesd with what she has received with Ricki and the next step for her is to get her claws into Jef's wealth. The woman is too lazy and stupid to get a real job! Perhaps when Jef figures out how manipulative and high maintainance she is he will head for the hills...hope it is not too late. Ari and Sean are the lucky ones as they managed to escape her manipulative ways.


I've been married for 41 years and I believe that Jef was the best choice for Emily. He is sincere, and has a kind heart. I feel that he will be there for Emily and Ricki. (Arie and Sean struck me as too self-centered and shallow). My intuition tells me this relationship will last.


I think she will marry him so she can have a baby (she wants a sibling ASAP for Ricki) and then will be able to get years of child $upport from wealthy Jef. Hey, it worked for her once before. She allegedly checked out the financial backgrounds of the guys before she ever knew them (via the producers). Sean and Arie were fortunate, though they don't realize it. I feel sorry for Jef - such a nice guy. He deserves something better than someone so calculating.


The relationship seemed genuine. I agreed with her choice and think that they could make it. I do not want to see arie as the next bachelor. I like seeing someone new that we have never seen.


Despite history, I think they could last! Compare last night's Final Rose to the one with Brad and's like night and day. Jef and Emily seem to be very respectful of each other, want a family together, and seem completely in love. I think the fact that he's moving to Charlotte for her is a big step in the right direction. Emily said several times in the finale that she had more confidence with Jef in the longterm and Jef kep saying this was "forever". Call me a sucker, but this one could go the distance. Emily seems high maintenance, but Jef seems easy going and patient enough to deal with her drama. Best of luck to them both!
I was surprised they didn't announce who the next Bachelor would be. I hope it's Ari.

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