Jef Holm and Emily Maynard: Will They Last?

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Well... he didn't refer to seven-year old Ricki as "baggage." Jef Holm has that going for him.

But the newly minted Bachelorette champion and fiance of Emily Maynard does have one going against him: history.

Couples that get together on this reality show franchise rarely make it to the altar, despite the platitudes of love they deliver back and forth on all finales and subsequent After the Rose ceremonies.

But could Jef and Emily be the exception? The former turned out to be one of the most popular contestants in show history - and Maynard does have a daughter. She isn't exactly messing around here with an eye only on fame and publicity.

Chime in now and predict the future of the brand new couple: Will Jef Holm and Emily Maynard make it?

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I agree with Morgan and Jennifer. Emily is in it for the money. Lots of money. She isn't satisfied with the gravy train she is already on from her daughters grandparents. Emily is a gold digger and a very HIGH maintenance one at that. My heart goes out to Jef. She will chew him up and spit him out.....right after she gets pregnant and then takes him to the cleaners for child support. And probably lots of it. Jef did not get a prize.....he got "baggage"....


I too wonder if she picked him for money. The show portrays her to be so sweet, is anyone that perfect? One of the other posters stated she is high maintenance she does appear to be that way. Hope I'm wrong because I really like Jeff. Doesn't he look like a young John F. Kennedy. He has great hair.


I agree...IT IS a TV show...a TV show that is so scripted that it's ridiculous. And, yes...Jef and Emily won't last as a couple. As a so-called couple, I give Jef and Emily no more than 3 months...or less. Peace.


God bless them -all 3. They make a wonderful family. I hope they are sincere and truly in love, Because that's the best feeling in the world.And the little girl really needs a dad,And mom.I think Emily picked her perfect match. They'll be Okay. Good idea get away from the media and let your love flourish.Hope you all get pregnant soon,you'll make beautiful children.Don't listen to all of the negative gossip. Do what your hearts want and feel.And you'll be happy For-ever..


Jef is the TOTAL package....I am not speaking of money at all. When all is said and done and we leave this earth, the money will be left behind too. But as a mother, I think she TOTALLY made the wise choice. Jef has morals and decency along with many other attributes. He is precious and I say, hats of to her! and Them!


Perhaps when Jef figures out how manipulative and high maintainance she is he will head for the hills, true true, did you see that little smile 'smirk' when jef said he was moving for her.....
Aw and that ring cost only 68.000 dollars,


Well, she got what she wanted, MONEY!!! After all the sparks are gone, he's done! The Hendricks have to be awe stricken, like most of America.


I think they seem like a great couple.
Six weeks is a very short time to know someone, but they truly do seem happy. We should be happy for them and quit all trash talking because the truth is we don't know them. To anyone who is saying anything different.. most of these "golddigger" reports come from Star Magazine and US Weekly. Hardly legimate sources. Come on people.


Jeff looks too young.I was not expecting her to choose him.i did not know he was rich.He is not ready for that committment and they are not going to last !!


Come people, its a tv show. Of course it won't last. All these shows do is train you to be stupid, and trust me - you Americans ARE stupid.