Jef Holm and Emily Maynard: Will They Last?

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Well... he didn't refer to seven-year old Ricki as "baggage." Jef Holm has that going for him.

But the newly minted Bachelorette champion and fiance of Emily Maynard does have one going against him: history.

Couples that get together on this reality show franchise rarely make it to the altar, despite the platitudes of love they deliver back and forth on all finales and subsequent After the Rose ceremonies.

But could Jef and Emily be the exception? The former turned out to be one of the most popular contestants in show history - and Maynard does have a daughter. She isn't exactly messing around here with an eye only on fame and publicity.

Chime in now and predict the future of the brand new couple: Will Jef Holm and Emily Maynard make it?


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Me and Jeff are doing great. Thanks to all our fans and believers!


i liked her ' i just dont understand why she had to hurt ari so badly.


I think that Jef is adorable! Emily really needed someone like Jef! He is very mature and has his life together!! He is really into Emily and her daughter Ricki! I believe their hearts are true.. I truly wish them all the happiness and love...


I have known Emily since she was in middle school and she is a very sweet young lady. I think she and Jef will get married and make a beautiful family for Ricki. I wish them all the best for future happiness!!


Yes!!!! they will make it!


I agree with Charlee and Heather. They both said it perfectly. I think that both made great choices to start a family and for little Rikki. All the best to the couple.


No one brought up the religious background of the two. If jeff is from Salt Lake City could he possibly be a Mormon??? Their Spiritual thoughts may interfere with their relationship. Religious beliefs sometimes make a big difference in a marriage.


I am not naive to think that there are not gold diggers in this world and some are very good actors. But I hope that in Jef's case that Emily is sincere about her feelings for him. He deserves someone very special. I hope Emily is that person. If she isn't, then I hope he finds out sooner rather than later so that he can find the right person!


Jef. you better have a pre-nuptual...she is going to take you to the cleaners.


I, like many others hope that it all works out for them as a family. Jef seems very smart and sincere. You can have all the money in the world, but it does not buy happiness. We will soon see what happens. As for the Bachelor show, I think it is time to bring in some new people. STOP bringing back people we already know things about. START OVER