Janet Jackson "Furious" Over Paris Jackson Film Role

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Janet Jackson is under consideration for a Season 12 judging spot on American Idol.

But reports say the singer is less concerned about her future these days and more focused on that of her 14-year old niece, Paris.

Janet Jackson in White
Paris Jackson Image

According to Us Weekly sources, Janet is "furious" that Michael Jackson's daughter has accepted a role in the 2014 film Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys.

"She feels it goes against Michael's wishes to keep his kids out of the the limelight until age 18," the insider says of this Jackson feud. "Janet thinks Paris should enjoy being a kid and possibly go to college.

Paris, however, is "hoping for more roles," the source adds and Janet may not be the one to offer sincere advice to her relative: the singer has an extensive acting resume, including an extended stint on the sitcom Diff'rent Strokes... when she was 14 years old.




She is the first and was youngest female singer to have number1 song and make a millions at age18.She never did drugs or got arrested.She is a good role-model.Knows the ropes.She has a good soul.She knows the business.


She recently bought a second home in Vegas for her sis Rebbie. Janet has donated over 5 million toward college funds.She owns Blackdoll Inc. and JDJ entertainment which just signed deal w lionsgate.


Janet is not upset.She is busy making a movie and documentary.Janet has money.She owns 6banks, 8homes/condos, the car used in bond movies including her own.She produced and wrote her 31 number one songs.Get the story correct.


I think it's too late for anyone to tell Paris what she can and cannot do especially Janet, who is letting another family member raise her daughter (who is probably an adult by now)! I think Janet means well, but when you are filthy rich like her niece Paris, she have admit, money pays for everything - even if you can't act!!!! Besides, Paris seems mature and knows what she wants - don't knock her because her dad bought her up wearing masks and all other strange and wierd ways. Let her be Janet. Worry bout yourself (which I'm sure you have no reason to worry about anything)! I'm a fan of yours and will always be and I look forward to seeing Paris's debut! GO PARIS GO PARIS GO PARIS!!!!!!


Just remember not to do anything that would not make daddy Mike proud of you. You were & still are his "princess". I hope this acting stint will not interfere with your education. Listen to aunt Janet, ask questions like Michael taught you to do, never let anyone try to change you, by telling you that you need to change your body image like they did to your dad and aunt. look out for Grandma Kate, stay close to your brothers. Stay true to your own principles, don't compromise them to be accepted or fit in, Best of Wishes!!


Really? Guess what Janet - their father rejected your family and your religion.


Janet was forced into entertainment when she was just seven years old. And this blog needs to get its facts straight Janet was ten years old when she did "Goodtimes". Janet knows what it is like to lose a childhood to working as a child actor and she has seen the horror of her own pairs face the horror of being a child actor and falling from grace as an adult (her Different strokes cast mates Todd,Gary,and dana Plato) Janet knows what can happen and she has live it as well as Michael. She is just trying to be good aunt and Paris should listen to her because Janet is a legend who has been in the industry for 4 decades.


Why r the people at THG chimming in on their own site? R u that desperate to get response that u write and blog. Lame asses

Kellie m

It isn't Janet's call....it is Mrs Jackson who is the custodial parent. As long as Paris is happy and Mrs Jackson gives her approval there's nothing anyone else can do about it.

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