Janet Jackson "Furious" Over Paris Jackson Film Role

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Janet Jackson is under consideration for a Season 12 judging spot on American Idol.

But reports say the singer is less concerned about her future these days and more focused on that of her 14-year old niece, Paris.

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According to Us Weekly sources, Janet is "furious" that Michael Jackson's daughter has accepted a role in the 2014 film Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys.

"She feels it goes against Michael's wishes to keep his kids out of the the limelight until age 18," the insider says of this Jackson feud. "Janet thinks Paris should enjoy being a kid and possibly go to college.

Paris, however, is "hoping for more roles," the source adds and Janet may not be the one to offer sincere advice to her relative: the singer has an extensive acting resume, including an extended stint on the sitcom Diff'rent Strokes... when she was 14 years old.

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First the attack of words on Janet is just tacky. Really
How can you think she's wrong for looking out for her niece and her brothers wishes. They now first hand the sacrifice of your childhood. Micheal died still trying to recapture his. They'll be plenty of time for all of that. How can you say she's wrong for trying to give this child what she knows first hand that she will miss....a childhood.


for interjecting, sorry folks


i love paris michael jackson and i hate jelous janet jackson


C'mon Janet, you were the young, pretty one once. The passage of time is not your fault, but it did happen. All we are saying, is give Paris a chance.


Janet should be more concerned about her deformed fake breasts. She's probably jealous. She should thank god for Michael, he had the talent, and without him no one would even know who she is.


did janet ever give others the chance to look out for her and be protective of her? no she did what she wanted then, so pls let paris be

@ veron kay

Paris is a minor! I know you Americans are scared to be parents, but minors are not meant to run around doing whatever they please, no matter how much money they have! She needs to obey authority.


Paris and her family are my greatest hero's (so are my BFF's). I hope that she will still be able to enjoy school without being even more famouse.


Janet is protective? or jealous? She has lots of other neices and nephews with tragedy in their lives and where was she keeping them out of the spotlight? Tito's kids lost their mother and they were/are a kid singing group. Jackie's kids lost their mother... Paris seems to be a very insightful, intelligent kid,.. she knows when she's being played. Janet's so concerned about her neices and newphews why didn't she buy Jermaine's kids health insurance when he wasn't paying any child support and his baby mommas were in the news just asking for health insurance? ( or was that randy's baby momma's or was it both since both randy and jermaine had kids with the same baby momma?


I applaude Paris for being selected to perform in Lundon Bridge. I see Janet as jealous more than protective of Paris. Janet is over the hill, and should give the stage to a younger actress. One for Paris


I'd have to say that, Janet is overly protected over her niece Paris. It's not a bad thing to have someone who is secured to have a lookout after Paris. Of course she's 14 years old and Janet has had experianced throughout her life with being an actress, and a singer. Michael wanted his kids to have their youthful years before they could carry on out in the real world. Whatever leads to their family, is actually their privacy to be discussed.