Jane Pitt Criticized, Threatened Over Anti-Gay Letter

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Brad Pitt's mother, Jane Pitt, has been targeted by critics and even with death threats after a letter she wrote last week to her local Missouri newspaper.

Jane Pitt's letter expressed support for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, citing his opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion as two reasons.

Given Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's staunch support of gay rights, the letter came as a surprise to many, and subjected Jane to a firestorm of criticism.

Brad Pitt's Mom

Brad's brother Doug Pitt defended their mom, if not her political views, while Jane said she would no longer be commenting to the media on the letter.

Others were not so diplomatic, to say the least.

Reaction was swift on Twitter, where one user, I Bleed Gaga wrote, "BRAD PITT'S MOM WROTE AN ANTI-GAY PRO-ROMNEY EDITORIAL. KILL THE B***H."

Another named Sandy Kownacka wrote, "Brad Pitt's mom, die."

Others stiil wrote: "F**k you, brad pitt's mom, the gay community made your kid a star, you whacko," and, "Brad Pitt's mom is a dumb c***."

Okay, people. Chill. As Doug said, it's alright to disagree, but can't we keep things civil? No need to threaten a senior citizen's life over this.

Same-sex marriage:

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Matt Dillon you nailed it. Straight white people have no rights whatsoever. We are the ones that need special protection now.


I 2nd the comments with the guy below. why would any civilized group have so much hatred towards Jane Pitt. she is a woman who has liveD her life based on character, she also has guided her children to live showing the same character. So many people that have no job, income, or purpose in life act as if the have a right to (strong arm) others, with this method of abuse. Why would you people act as though you have any negotiating power what so ever? What, if anything have your contributed to society? Have you raised children to be a productive part of society? I doubt this because you can't have children, you are gay. My Word, I've never seen such misguided anger.


I thought victimized gays believed there is no courage in an vicious, foul-mouthed mob? The real courage is in the lone warrior who stands up for what is culturally unpopular. Maybe Brad will take a hard look at his values after he sees this movement for what it really is: the greatest haters of all!


What a violent group of gays that would threaten this woman. Homosexuals would like people to beleive they are misunderstood and are civil people yet when someone speaks of their own beliefs she is threaten. It will be interesting to see if her brainwashed son remembers who gave birth to him. Gays, your actions and the brand " Homophobic" is devastating your cause just as the "Race Card" is to blacks. You have turned into a disrespectful bunch and you should feel humiliated.

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