Jane Pitt Criticized, Threatened Over Anti-Gay Letter

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Brad Pitt's mother, Jane Pitt, has been targeted by critics and even with death threats after a letter she wrote last week to her local Missouri newspaper.

Jane Pitt's letter expressed support for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, citing his opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion as two reasons.

Given Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's staunch support of gay rights, the letter came as a surprise to many, and subjected Jane to a firestorm of criticism.

Brad Pitt's Mom

Brad's brother Doug Pitt defended their mom, if not her political views, while Jane said she would no longer be commenting to the media on the letter.

Others were not so diplomatic, to say the least.

Reaction was swift on Twitter, where one user, I Bleed Gaga wrote, "BRAD PITT'S MOM WROTE AN ANTI-GAY PRO-ROMNEY EDITORIAL. KILL THE B***H."

Another named Sandy Kownacka wrote, "Brad Pitt's mom, die."

Others stiil wrote: "F**k you, brad pitt's mom, the gay community made your kid a star, you whacko," and, "Brad Pitt's mom is a dumb c***."

Okay, people. Chill. As Doug said, it's alright to disagree, but can't we keep things civil? No need to threaten a senior citizen's life over this.

Same-sex marriage:

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Wow the left is so tolerant of open opinion. Only lefties would threaten someone's life for voicing a difference of opinion. Just like how the non racist left calls conservatives blacks Oreos and uncle toms, sell outs and such. Liberals really are handicapped.


@CONNIE MITCHUM You are the ignorant one. Your reply to my comment is completely irrelevant. Who cares if Jane and Jennifer are close? The point I was making was that for her to be anti-gay is foolish when her son's fiance is bisexual. Fuck you.


As the parent of a gay child I do not agree with Mrs. Pitt, but she has a RIGHT to her opinion. I think its just awful that people are calling her names and sending her death threats!! Tolerance is for all of us not just for a few!!


I will not even pretend that I understand homosexuality. What I do know is rude behavior and that is exactly what I've read on this topic. There are times when I can't decide if I want coke or Pepsi or fries or onion rings but there has yet to be one damn time when I had to think twice about wanting a man or woman. There is something off centered in a mans brain who doesn't know this. Maybe he has some sort of sexual obsession kind of like he needs medical attention. I like men cause I am a woman but I don't want some mans hairy stinky ass pressed up against my face. Men lack hygiene anyway and the older they get it becomes more difficult for them to wipe their own ass and for that ass to be locked into a mans face is unforgiving.


I support the LGBT because I am Bi myself, but I am not making threats or complaining about Mrs. Pitt's letter. She has the right to say what she wants, we may not like it but we can't do anything about it! It is ridiculous to make threats to her because of an opinion.


Looks like a few people did not take their medication today..., or maybe it is the heat wave - nuts.


Are you insane??


Criminal is the only way I can describe this homosexual outburst. Jane Pitt is a fine a woman as the sun has ever come up on. The disrespectful nature can be called nothing less than an assault. I read about what you hateful people said on twitter. Brad Pitt has stood up for you and this is the way you treat his mother? The pits of Hell is where your soul must be! How can you ever have any self respect after this! Straight people can no longer associate with you sinfull hateful people. Go to a priest tomorrow and bathe the sin out of you. Even if you must ask total strangers for their blessing. You are lost.


@SARA- Yes she did know this information and if you were not so young and ignorant you would also that the info about Angelena has been out for years , what else you should know is that Jane & Jennifer were close and my guess is that Jane is not in awe over her boy or Angelina.


When it comes to ones sexuality, I am a firm believer in educated information. My Brother Raymond jr. was in Vietnam in the 60's. Raymond while fighting for freedom got to smoking that whacking tobaccy and turned into a switch hitter( he like boys). Raymond jr. calls my dad one night- says he has Elephantitis (look it up). My dad, being a WW2 vet heard of it. Daddy told Raymond jr. not to bother with a doctor, should spend his money on a Wheelbarrel. Raymond carried his balls in that metal Wheelbarrel for years. No underwear would fit Raymond jr.. He wore a 100 pound Hudson Cream Flour sack and every time he would walk for more than 10 minutes, it smelt like someone was cooking biscuits. My German Shepherd (Petey) climbed under his nuts for shade. Raymond slept on 1 twin bed, his cod sack on another. You people need repent your sins just like Raymond did. Homosexual is wrong & nasty.

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