James Holmes Confirmed as Client on Adult Dating Site

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An X-rated dating site has confirmed that suspected Colorado shooter James Holmes was, indeed, a client, having made a profile for the service on July 5 and last logging in some time this week.

Adult Friend Finder tells TMZ that it traced the profile in question back to Aurora, Colorado - the town in which Holmes is accused of killing 12 people who were attending a showing of The Dark Knight Rises - and that the address and date of birth entered match those of the alleged murderer.

James Holmes Profile

The profile lists basic information, such as Holmes labeling himself a "light/social drinker," while also including his penis size ("short/average") and, most eerie of all, a message that reads:

Will you visit me in prison?

Police will likely investigate the profile just to learn as much as possible about the 24-year old in custody.

Holmes reportedly did not put up a fight when arrested, but he was sporting red hair at the time and told authorities "I'm The Joker" upon being apprehended.

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