James Holmes Charged With 24 Counts of First-Degree Murder

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James Holmes has been formally charged with murder for his alleged shooting rampage inside an Aurora, Colorado movie theater in the early morning hours of July 20.

James Holmes Mug Shot

The former medical school student, who first appeared in court last week, was back there again today, still donning orange hair. He was told he's facing 116 counts of attempted murder - two for each of the 58 attendees who were shot.

He also spoke for the first time during the hearing, answering the judge's question about his attorney's request for more time before a preliminary hearing with a simple "yes."

Overall, Holmes will face 142 charges, including one count of possessing an explosive device and one count of unlawful use of a deadly weapon.

It's unknown at this time if prosecutors will seek the death penalty and Holmes is expected back in court on August 9.

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Idk how to feel and Im being honest here. I have mixed emotions. On one hand I say fry him, while on the other hand I want him to live out his life WITHOUT any luxeries. And by no luxeries I also mean no visits from family, no `rec time`, NOTHING! Make him live out his time looking @ blank walls. I pray for ALL the families involved. Including his. It has to be hard copeing with what he has done.


@Nichole. Yes Nichole people have a right to be mad. They have a right to FEEL that way. They still have to understand we are not barbarians we have rules to follow and don't sink to lower levels because others do. @Brandon. F U 2. If you don't think it's important to follow the constitution you might want to get outta the country. That piece of paper that doesn't mean anything to you is the only reason you have ONE OUNCE of freedom in this world. Sorry you don't know your history or the logistics of government.


@megan....He shot 70 people killed 12 injured 58......


They better seek the death penalty!
This man needs to start burning in hell right about now please.


Honestly I hope he's in jail for the rest of his life and he probably will but I've never supported death penalty so hopefully he will suffer in jail and that his actions will haunt him forever...


I really want to know why James Holmes did this. What was going threw his head? I really want to know what his reason was to kill innocent people while they were enjoying a movie. I want him to speek up. I really feel that he deserves the death penalty, why would we want someone like this on EARTH..


put him in prison; make a special block away from everyone; keep him all to himself; one meal a day; bread n water only; no visitors no nothing; not allowed to go out doors; just stay in the block bldg. one window; just for a little air; make him die very slowly; after 10 years; then KILL THE BASTARD!!!!!!!


HE SHOULD SUFFER FULL INTENSE LABOR. If he dont do his job beat his ass till he does.
Dont put him in a jail its a waste like the rest. If u charged, or what ever U SHOULD SUFFER! Shoooooot put him on the front line with no weapons use a bate lol.


I believe giving him the death penaty is not fair to the victims and their family. Give him a couple of life tearms in a population filled wth animales to see how he likes it.


hey marcus to your little comment about ging against the constitution my words fuck the constitution it don't mean anything