James Holmes Charged With 24 Counts of First-Degree Murder

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James Holmes has been formally charged with murder for his alleged shooting rampage inside an Aurora, Colorado movie theater in the early morning hours of July 20.

James Holmes Mug Shot

The former medical school student, who first appeared in court last week, was back there again today, still donning orange hair. He was told he's facing 116 counts of attempted murder - two for each of the 58 attendees who were shot.

He also spoke for the first time during the hearing, answering the judge's question about his attorney's request for more time before a preliminary hearing with a simple "yes."

Overall, Holmes will face 142 charges, including one count of possessing an explosive device and one count of unlawful use of a deadly weapon.

It's unknown at this time if prosecutors will seek the death penalty and Holmes is expected back in court on August 9.

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I don't think this is the right guy you guys. I mean seriously I know that he could have gotten a face lift or whatever but think of it this way. This guy was a med student. Med students live in debt for a quarter of their lives during and after their college years. Why would he just drop out of college to get a face lift? I mean come on. Not only that but isn't it a law that you have to regularly submit to psych evaluations while you're in medical college?


all those incident people killed this one would be a dificult task for me what i think but my opion think life in prison with out parole and not get out with out parole my thoughts on it.i have a 21 year old and the only one i feel sory for his his mom and dad i dont feel sorry for that guy that did all that shotting and killed incident people.at all.


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