James Holmes-Obama Billboard Sparks Controversy

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A billboard featuring a meme-style juxtaposition of President Obama and Aurora shooter James Holmes has garnered a great deal of attention, very little of it positive.

The billboard, located in Caldwell, Idaho, features a picture of Holmes, accompanied with the text “Kills 12 in a movie theater with assault rifle, everyone freaks out.”

Juxtaposed is a photo of Barack Obama, with the text: “Kills thousands with foreign policy, wins Nobel Peace Prize.” Check out the controversial billboard below:

Obama Aurora Billboard

The sentiment is similar to one of Heath Ledger's memorable Dark Knight quotes, in which he says no one would blink if he announced a “truck load of soldiers will be blown up," but people would "lose their minds" if he said a city mayor was going to die."

Holmes infamously likened himself to The Joker after the Aurora rampage.

Maurice Clements, the man in charge of the billboard, says he is part of a group who honor the memory of the late Libertarian activist Ralph Smeed.

He says the group is angry over Obama not bringing troops home from war.

"We’re all outraged over that killing in Aurora, Colo., but we’re not outraged over the boys killed in Afghanistan," Clements said of his message.

Many locals are outraged, calling the billboard "pathetic," and "abhorrent."

What do you think of the Obama-James Holmes billboard?


@Max and the only comment addressed to u was that Romney is also a flip flopper which is the one thing u never brought up. So great trying to Dodge the original and only comment directed to u. But I don't care about ppl who flip because if u have the same opinions for ten plus years it means u haven't learned a thing.


@Roxanne I'm with you the media bias absolutely REEKS to high heaven! This is such an injustice...we Americans are subjected to 'Banana Republic'-style journalism in this country. Romney is brave and admirable to tolerate the muck that is hurled at him and his wife! However, they're up against the Obama/Chicago thug machine along with their in-the-tank media cronies, so it should be no surprise to anyone really.


having these two on a billboard is tacky but that is no excuse for the way the media has treated ann romney. they have belittled this mother of 5 who by the way has survived cancer and has MS. accusing her of never working a day in her life. the liberal media has no scruples what so ever and they are an embarrassment to journalism. meanwhile michelle obama is put on a pedestal. if I was mitt I would never give an interview unless it was fox. I fear the worst is yet to come. shameful to put it mildly and not a soul seems to realize or predict the day after election and the fences that will need mending so we can move forward. I predict it will be quite a mess to clean up. I'm sure someone out there could call these comments racist. that would be expected.


To: Chely, Maybe you should STFU and research your facts before you open your trap. Obama has the authority to pull troops out at this moment. He also could push through an effort to help stop the slaughter in Syria. I see you are an Obama supporter. Romney has never come out and said he wants to send troops into any country other than a last resort. We cannot live on this earth with Iran in the presence of nuclear weapons. Obama with his apologizes and turning a blind eye has the Middle East in more of a threatening position than at any time. Obama is soft and he has earned no respect. As far as the Military, the polls have been consistent, the majority of military personnel want Obama out. To: Chely, you need to watch how you address people.


Shot and killed*


Are so fucking fake!!! And every time the government shuts down, Congress gets paid but our troops sure as hell don't I don't see any Republican or Democrats trying to change that Cuz they don't give a shit. All of em!


@Max.... Romney is a huge flip flopper too so give me a damn break....... If y'all want the troops out vote.Romney oh wait that's not his plan he already said he would send in more. Guess we should have went with McCain oh wait McCain's plan was to send more and stay longer too. Who was that one president who lied to be able to invade a country??? Wait its coming.... bush so please STFU about Obama when it comes to war and troops. There would be way more in there right now if it wasn't for him. Repubs still want to send more in so don't start bitching now when we got a dem Pres. Because when we have a Rep Pres u guys are all for it. Some of u people!


@Mary are you sick or something? We show outrage because James Holmes just shot 12 innocent people including a child just a few days ago and now we have to see some fruit loop right wing splashing it on a billboard in order to get a republican elected. And WHAT foreign policy is so different from any other President if the US who has EVER gone to war? My brother just left the military and several of his buddies are losing their jobs because democrats downsize, republicans expand the military. I usually dont stoop to insulting people, but You are a nimrod.


Is this the only way obama can get attention? one thing is for sure and is painfully evident is that obama is indeed desperate. Bill Clinton a man who cannot stand obama will be keynote speaker at the convention, yes it's come to this. one " flip flopper" speaking for another " flip flopper" in a last ditch effort to gain a 2nd term. who better to speak than a man who was within days of being impeached and had a craving for blowjobs while on the clock? this coming out and hand holding does have its advantages. advantage - Romney.


Victoria lamb- I suppose you must not know that Barry is the commander and chief and can bring home ALL of the troops tomorow, and needs NO ONES approval.. Do some homework before having so much love for someone who cares nothing about you or anyone you know or love. They are ALL puppets. And you are their slaves.. Fuck Barry, and Fuck mitt too.

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