James Holmes Appears in Court, Exhibits Bizarre Behavior

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James Holmes appeared in court for the first time today, and both video accounts and witness accounts confirm that the alleged Aurora, Colorado shooter exhibited extremely unusual behavior while listening to a judge charge him with first degree murder.

James Holmes in Court

As you can see, the 24-year old donned organ hair and a red jumpsuit, sitting alongside his lawyer and shifting between wide open eyes and shut eyes. At various time, it appeared as if he had fallen asleep.

Holmes remained silent for the duration of the hearing, as the judge informed this suspect that he would be held without bail and forbidden from contacting the families of his 12 victims.

Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers spoke briefly with reporters after the courtroom session and said it's unknown at the moment whether prosecutors will seek the death penalty against Holmes. His trial is expected to begin in the summer of 2013.


Insane people cannot: score high honors in medical school, they cannot strategically plan a mass murder, accumulate every weapon to fulfill that plan, masterfully piece together multiple explosive traps, execute their plan flawlessly, and also concurrently claim to have schizophrenia. However, evil people CAN. But, as far as we know, that isn't a medical condition which gives someone a free pass or an excuse not to be held accountable in a court of law.

Wv peach

I truly believe he's schizophrenic and may have been medicated with some type of anti-psychotic meds. I don't mean that as a "get out of jail" card, but he's obviously unstable.


I totally think his "odd behavior" is an act too, Tiffani. And I'm not buying it!
Thanks Sharon, I couldn't figure out what "organ hair" was either!


Colorado has 1 execution in the past 35 yrs. The same people that want to ban guns are the same ones that will picket against his execution if that be end result. This happens and that fact is not much comfort. Virginia Tech, Oklahoma City, BTK In Wichita was a Church Leader and a Boy Scout Leader and 5 days after he was arrested his boss fires him for not showing up for work without even knowing the guy was in custody. Society/ Detached? Self Absorbed? This guy spent his days playing video games and no employement with an aerosol inside and no one noticed. It's never one thing.


Hmmm, let's see - what will the piece of shit Aurora murderer and the lawyer say: he's insane, he was very depressed, he was molested as a child, drug and alcohol abuse caused him to black out, Satan told him to do it... They've got all the excuses. I think the families of the victims and the survivors should be allowed to tear him to shreds.


Holy cow! I was wondering what the statement means. It never occurred to me that it was misspelled. Thanks for the clarification.


Orange is the correct way to spell the color not organ.


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