James Holmes Appears in Court, Exhibits Bizarre Behavior

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James Holmes appeared in court for the first time today, and both video accounts and witness accounts confirm that the alleged Aurora, Colorado shooter exhibited extremely unusual behavior while listening to a judge charge him with first degree murder.

James Holmes in Court

As you can see, the 24-year old donned organ hair and a red jumpsuit, sitting alongside his lawyer and shifting between wide open eyes and shut eyes. At various time, it appeared as if he had fallen asleep.

Holmes remained silent for the duration of the hearing, as the judge informed this suspect that he would be held without bail and forbidden from contacting the families of his 12 victims.

Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers spoke briefly with reporters after the courtroom session and said it's unknown at the moment whether prosecutors will seek the death penalty against Holmes. His trial is expected to begin in the summer of 2013.

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They wanna start talking gun control in Washington and on the news.. How will normal ppl protect themselves and their families from wackos and thugs who have guns? The wackos are very scary. I have a ccw and I was taught in classes and as a hunter that you only fire if you have a definitive target... What if someone had one? Those poor people were defenseless and this wacko isn't insane- he is evil.


@Tm8: Dude will u chill??? I just said he looked whacked-out and MAYBE is schizoid! I believe he should be put in front of a wall and shot via firing squad, but he's gotta be some kind of crazy to committ this crime. He's guilty and deserves punishment, but something is off with him. Now can you relax man! :-p


Triflin hair triflin attitude.bitch must die.


@D-lister, and if you're adamant about giving him a mental status, delusional disorder would be more likely.


He has taken Casey Anthonys title of `Public Enemy #1`! He makes my stomach turn! I hope they bring back public hangings just for him! I do feel bad for his family though! It has to be hard dealing with what he has done!


If he thought he was The Joker long enough to hatch this huge sophisticated plan, then why wasn't he still playing the part of The Joker in court today? Why not continue with the character you believe you are? Oh that's right cause he got caught. Now he has to play little sad bunny.


@D-lister,... Wonderful. To the rest of the posters, this guy is malingering. Organization and schizophrenia don't belong in the same sentence. This guy was extremely organized. Based his "killer character" off of "The Joker", whom he didn't actually believe he was. Who knows how long ago he watched The Dark Knight and had been waiting for the midnight premiere of the movie to come out. The schizophrenic shoe doesn't fit. Love his act in court today, that is another sign of a malingering.


Tm8: actually you're wrong about schizophrenics. The onset of the disease is usually early to mid twenties, and many afflicted are brilliant and quite cerebral. Again, what this guy did is unforgivable and utterly horrid. He just seemed like he was on another planet while in court.


@Tm8 I agree the killer is evil and is not nuts. The lawyers will blame the victims. They got killed / shot because they were in the line of fire or they should have stayed home that night or they should have gone to a different movie...


Btw, TV shows have killed the general publics common sense. Because as soon as him and his lawyers get to trial, they'll flip the whole story around. People will ignore every piece of common sense and say "well shucks, all them victims must have drowned in a pool...or shot themselves"... No people. No. Wake the hell up and use your noggin.