Is the Pressure Getting to Savannah Guthrie?

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Somewhere, Ann Curry might be smiling right about now.

Not only has The Today Show's replacement of this co-anchor with Savannah Guthrie NOT resulted in a ratings spike, but the program lost to rival Good Morning America by over 300,000 total viewers during Guthrie's debut week behind the desk.

Savannah Guthrie on Today

Moreover, according to New York Post sources, Guthrie has developed severe headaches as a result of her promotion.

“She goes to a doctor two days a week for treatment of the migraines, and is required to wear dark glasses when she’s not on set,” said this Page Six insider. “The pressure of taking over after Ann’s execution is taking its toll.”

The journalist is not expected to miss any time as a result of these injuries, and will most definitely be traveling to London with Today for the upcoming Olympics. She remains a trooper, saying the mole.

“You would never been able to know anything was wrong by watching her at work."



Eventually they're going to figure out it's not Savannah's fault.
It's the way they handled Ann Curry combined with Matt Lauer's mega-ego!


I think that Savannah needs a little more seasoning before stepping out in the big leagues. After seeing Ann Cury reporting from Aurora Colorado last night, I am sue that Savannah will learn a lot from ANN on how to report something so sensitive and terrible. It's funny that the suits fom NBC turned to ANN Curry to report this story. I think Ann should still be the Today Show coanchor. Where in the world is MATT Lauer now when he should be in the trenshes now.


I watch GMA.


So WhAt WhO cArEs


Poor Savannah. Guess she's realized it take more than sucking all over super-ego-I-love-myself Matt Lauer. Many viewers are turned off by the way the network screwed over Ann Curry. Think the change needed is to remove that Matt troll.


A trip to London with Matt, and a little time under the sheets, will work wonders for Savannah and her headaches. I just wonder if she'll be smart enough to use birth control or will be the next hostess-mother of a Matt Lauer, Today Show love child?


It's called Karma....what goes around comes around. You and Matt both give me a headache. No longer do I watch Today.


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